But why should I add.

Gauss: That is nice! I’ll search for it. The string pairing helpd me

Keitsock: Zumba_addict: https://developer.chrome.com/devtools/docs/remote-debugging

Elway: Hmm, there is a lot I have to learn about this :/

Reyne: Awesome Keitsock! Thanks a lot!

Keitsock: AlphaAtom: you can pull in jquery and most other code as modules too, just check npm

Keitsock: Var jQuery = require’jquery-node’; I think maybe

Neagle: Yeah, I don’t need node or anything on my web server do I – just to double check

Cone: I think only you can answer that question

Ditman: Okay then, I guess I can figure it out as it goes

Leitten: Makalak I changed it around a bit and now it ignores the typing effect on text, I am missing something? http://jsfiddle.net/VG8MJ/254/

Tyrone: Https://jsfiddle.net/#&togetherjs=Ru2sPK62D6

Manvel: Hello, guys, I’m a beginner in JS, reading Eloquent Javascript. there’s a point there http://eloquentjavascript.net/05_higher_order.html#h_inPZJ813r4 – and a part that troubles me – https://jsfiddle.net/txzghyk2/ could you, please, explain how is it possible that we can specify a variable name for the current element?

Baena: It seems like I don’t really see the mechanism of why we can do it

Servino: Hi all. I have a problem working with an iframe. I set the iframe src, append it to do***ent, and set a bp when onload is hit. ContentDo***ent is accessible but the actual ‘src’ content isn’t loaded

Nell: Any ideas why that might be?

Pae: Einseenai: because when the “action” function also called a “callback” is called, it takes an argument. you p*** in arrayi, which is the current item in the array. on the other side, the function ***igns the name “number” to it, because that’s what the function signature says to do

Kitamura: Hi team, I have a WebpackDevServer on 8080 and I want to proxy some requests to another server on 4567, how could I do this?

Pae: Einseenai: further down in that chapter you’ll see an explicit way of applying parameters to a function

Seese: Here’s a pastebin of my results: http://pastebin.com/vgByrp4k

Pinelli: Pae, thank you so much. it troubled me a lot and I felt I shouldn’t move on to work on the next chapters in the book despite that I understand what’s there

Leedy: Pae, explicitness is exactly what I needed. thank you.

Brdar: What’s the best way to block a script until readyState === ‘complete’?

Wolfley: Is it possible to use return in a for ?

Zachery: Http://jsbin.com/citosobuku/1/edit?html,js,output

Laa: Why here 10 got output not 11?

Cone: Extreminador, you mean inside a function?

Cone: Yep, it should break the loop and return the value

Laverette: Guessx: that’s new to me. Can you set defer on an iframe?

Dionisio: Mm, looks like it’s script tags only

Schleig: Yehh now it’s working propely

Burwell: Need help with a network POST request debugging – a4ff20857f{“requestMethod”:”start”,”requestId”:9,”__cl***__”:”ServerRequest”,”requestData”:14,1}

Larriva: What is the a4ff20857f part?

Beckelheimer: Is it specific to the application or is it a standard format?

Brislin: Can I do something like if a = somefunction{} in javascript?

Bame: If a = 5 { console.loga }; → 5

Effland: Ifa = somefunction{}, wrap the ***ignment in parens

Strife: Else linter will throw errors

Brislin: Errmano: I have to add extra parenthesis?! I didn’t know Oo

Bame: Because it is too easy to confuse with a == 5

Bame: Big source of errors in c like languages until all sane compilers introduced warnings

Brislin: Bame: I see, I think I can still manage this, though. :

Brislin: But why should I add parenthesis? Isn’t one pair enough?