This would be super easy.

Hagert: I’m sure you know how to get a random 100×100 section that’s in bounds

Moczulski: Pae, I just described why I had a trouble and said thank you. :-

Coriz: Errmano: cool ill look into that. thanks!

Murchinson: Klopfer, are you using a build system to concat and minify your ***ets?

Klopfer: Not yet, but i would eventually

Ballow: How about AMD, like with require.js or common.js ?

Feerick: In a blog post, lets say there’s about 50 lines of boilerplate and 50 lines of meat. do i leave all 100 lines in? do i just show the 50 lines of meat and say ‘look here for the rest’?

Guitian: Tcsc, if i was reading a blog i’d be more interested in the meat, but a link to the full code underneath would be very helpful

Cone: Mark the boilerplate and the meat with comments

Cone: Then it’s up to reader to read what he wants

Sabin: Here’s an example where they mark the meat with background colors,

Pae: Tcsc: are you talking on the main page? with a list of blog posts? is the main page updated more frequently than once a week? if so, then maybe put it behind a click

Pae: If it’s on the post page, i’d say keep it all out there

Vagas: Keeping the whole code is good for copy-paste, but i never do that, i’m personally more interested in just the meat and i can imagine what the boilerplate needs to be

Feerick: Hm, ok. i’m concerned that various details will drown out the point

Hilse: I feel that if your audience is advanced they won’t need the boierplate

Klopfer: Errmano, none of those

Feerick: Yeah this does ***ume they know what they are doing

Guadagnolo: Klopfer, how are you managing your code organization? writing everything in a single js file or using multiple script tags?

Klopfer: Ractive allows you to load components via http, uses the shadow dom, or you can put everything together in a single html file

Lobdell: I absolutely abhor loading components via http

Tasson: It’s soooo slow and no one does that in production settings

Majerus: Also, does javascript have built in functions to say, like grab all filenames in a directory? i dont see any do***entation regarding file manipulation

Deveney: Dkwhc, browser javascript doesnt, but node.js/io.js does, with the fs module

Mikolajczak: Errmano: i see. sounds like using node.js could be dangerous especially for browser aplications

Civale: Node.js is server side javascript, doesn’t run in browser

Yourshaw: Since the user could potentially change server files?

Klopfer: Just ***ume it’s done right until you know otherwise :p

Niesent: You’re right about the security concerns, that’s why it’s not implemented. you might be able to do with flash though?

Faubel: Hm, i guess i should just hardcode my file names then

Menoni: So i have json populating a table, and need to update the tables every 10ish minutes lets say. atm im just doing a setTimeout in the AJAX call which re-calls setupTables

Rutenberg: Atm, using jquery, it adds new tables duplicates them and populates the first

Contrino: Any ideas on how i should do this? pastebin’ing now

Horth: Gkwhc, you could use the input type=”file” to select files and get access to them in javascript. but js can’t just go exploring your computer, the user has to explicitly allow access to a single file

Adolfson: Http://

Abascal: Errmano: oh no, its for accessing the server side files, not client side

Klopfer: Gkwhc: the server should give you that information

Vandeveer: Giraffe_, are you allowed to use any other libraries or frameworks?

Zampedri: Still no way if to simply get all filenames and put them in a array even if its serverside?

Berch: This would be super easy with marionette