Fwiw console.log isn’t.

Stuchlik: Tcsc: what, ten lines calling a library or actually ten lines o.O

Anastasio: Well, you return it from the function, but you do not print it

Blanchett: Baxx: ten lines calling a library

Andracki: What you need to do is print the value that was returned by the function, like

Mcmurdo: The library is way more

Stuchlik: Cool, that would have been pretty impressive

Galimba: But i didnt have to write it.

Kurgan: Console.logcompareuserChoice, computerChoice

Stuchlik: Tcsc: turning gravity on and off makes one feel like their in the matrix or something

Josselyn: About:blank works because it probably prints out every last return statement or smth

Stuchlik: This is ace – I should really go over A level mechanics

Zurawski: Haha, yeah. you’d be surprised how far a bit of early college/late highschool level math and physics gets you.

Wewerka: Although tbh most of that is in the Entity.collide code

Stuchlik: I’ve been going over math for the past year, had to go all the way back to cross multiplying fractions .

Iverslie: Yeah, math is one of those things you need to practice or you totally forget

Stuchlik: Yep! I never really learnt much of it in the first place tbh, school was one long wtf

Villasis: Monomon: can you repost the link to your finished solution? can’t find it.

Charry: Noob321: https://jsbin.com/latezonovi/edit?js,console,output

Palk: Baxx: i was never a great student either, although i usually did okay in math. i do remember being shocked at how little linear algebra i remembered once i actually started working though

Pencek: Even though i had gotten like a b+ in that course or something.

Stuchlik: Tcsc: yeah – problem with having a student with the aptitude yet not the comprehension of *why* they *have* to do it is the student get’s branded lazy or whatever, then get’s good at being obstructuve instead of receptive, and it’s kinda hard to turn that around sometimes. Ken Robinson is a very good watch re talking about schools and how they’re a bit ****ed

Galea: Are linters all that important? should i include a linter in every sizable project?

Siefert: Xnil: if you find yourself making the kinds of bugs that linters catch, or you are working with other engineers, then probably

Rosenkranz: Xnil: they’re like compilers

Devore: Nucleartide: the thing is, i’m already using compile-to-js languages

Bartoszek: Livescript and purescript in particular

Winchell: Well certainly you shouldn’t care about linting the generated code

Stuchlik: What’s the best way to just print out an object info once or so rather than a million times as a programmes looping? Make a variable, ifx n{stuff}, or is there a better way than that?

Matthes: I can lint the source thuogh

Doxie: Though*. there are linters for livescript and purescript

Barklow: Baxx: you keep a variable to remember if you’ve printed it out before, or you use something equivalent to _.once

Lewin: No need to lint the compiled code too

Monsivais: Baxx: consider making it render that data to the screen, or viewing it in the debugger.

Stuchlik: Tcsc: cool – yeah I’ll just make a count for it, wasn’t sure if there was some kinda inbuilt ‘frameCount ‘ or somethign along those lines

Sluder: But what exactly was the question then

Hoshaw: The only existing linter for livescript, however, has an issue that makes perfectly valid code show up as wrong and bad practice, when it is the only possible workaround for using a certain library

Lavey: No, although its easy to implement

Masteller: Most js code doesn’t have a notion of frames

Stuchlik: Tcsc: sweet, Ill just make a basic count var for now

Wyse: Fwiw console.log isn’t great for debugging though. you should become familiar with using the debugger