Dont make me do more work.

Hussong: Quick as, sorry preaction

Nedved: Bprompt: when its 10 seconds the entire line shifts left a few pixels, I want it to ‘add’ to the right and not shift left

Occhiogrosso: Ill try what Veneman recommended

Pacholski: Http:// — this is valid?

Profeta: Didnt work Veneman, I added width to the span

Wesby: I tried 200px, 50px, and 10px

Veneman: Giraffe_: because inline elements can’t have width. but inline-block can

Harens: Oh should probably apply to the parent lol

Veneman: Javahorn: it’s valid HTML, but the CSS inside the style=”” attribute is not valid

Amado: Veneman: what can be valid? please tell.

Veneman: Javahorn: seriously. go through a basic tutorial. you need to learn the basics here first

Veneman: What do you mean “what can be valid?”

Meiss: Giraffe_: the #timer span is just 2 characters long. so. do not put it in the “normal flow”, and give span.subheading position: relative; and #timer position: absolute; top: 0; right: -2em; -2em will make it stick out about 2characters worth, which should cover more or less the width of the 2 digits

Knestrick: What can be valid so as to — 1 text as red 2 underline as red 3 open in new browser 4 For all browsers

Veneman: Javahorn: i’m not writing it for you. CSS requires semi-colons between property: value pairs

Pinchon: Currently i am getting text as red , click it , it opens in new browser but underline is missing and browser url part gets red as well

Feldt: Bprompt: its floating super far right for me

Warboys: One sec let me try this.

Veneman: That’s not what i’m getting. i’m getting blue link with underline, because the CSS is completely invalid

Heade: Giraffe_: issue being, the #timer span, is in the normal flow, .subheading is centering inlines, and thus centering all text in it, including #timer, and as timer changes in content, the centering reflects that, if you position: absolute; #timer instead, it’d not be in the normal flow, and the centering will not be affected by it’

Dobkowski: Giraffe_: ok. hmm then make .subheading “shrink-wrap” to the text, make it display: inline-block;

Braham: Well then top:0 isn’t doing anything correct?

Veneman: Giraffe_: display: inline-block; width: 3em; text-align: center;

Stirling: For subheading Veneman? with what bprompt said?

Veneman: I don’t know what bprompt is saying

Veneman: For the span id=”timer”

Linegar: Giraffe_: well, yes and no, is just setting it to the top of the containing element, it just so happen the containing element is just 1 sentence, so it’s as tall as the tallest letter, so #timer will line up with that

Santacruz: Preactions methoed workd, bprompt

Lellig: Less complicated than yours lol 3

Senko: But TIL inline eles cant have width

Zufall: Giraffe_: if it’s working, don’t fix it :

Ballmann: Although Veneman 1em worked better, it doesnt move and there’s less spacing in terms of width from as quick as

Veneman: Giraffe_:

Sorman: Yeah so see how far it is from the text? I would like for it to look like a single space

Veneman: Giraffe_: the problem is that GO! is much wider, so if you don’t want it to be bunched up next to the other text, it’ll have to shift that text over

Veneman: Or, turns out, you can change the text-align if you want

Veneman: Technically, then, the GO! is likely leaving the element. so don’t do overflow: hidden

Veneman: Giraffe_: voila ici

Bake: You know what Veneman? it works lol

Veneman: Giraffe_: it could work even better if you had an LCD-style font and a background

Hammers: Dont make me do more work 😛