And use it to exploit.

Thur: How do i create an element with innerhtml that isnt a string, example: $’ul’.append’liarrayi.a/li’;

Schneiders: You can concatenate strings with +

Gisler: Shoky: Immediately Invoked Function Expression, protects “$” and also lets you have private variables

Gisler: Shoky:

Baylon: Gisler: yeah i know what those are, just didn’t understand what you were saying about it. but it doesn’t matter ;p

Torain: Why is this not working? links still work i mean

Gisler: Adv_: — works fine.

Gisler: Do you have it contained in a ready function?

Fertig: I need a framework / lib for websites by which I can make a website that loads in a webview of an android app but still being a webpage looks like a native mobile app or even better. Are there any prebuild things that has menus, buttons, layouts etc that fits mobile screens and tabs?

Bosack: Voyage: no. if you want something that looks like a native app then you should make a native app.

Schuckers: Snover, I can make similar or even better

Ballagas: You can get pretty close

Champ: Depending on what youre building

Mesdaq: I already linked you to a decent framework

Siems: Drej, any views about jquery mobile?

Altizer: Yup, stay 200ft away from it at all times

Eracleo: Really? why would you say that/

Grawburg: I doubt there’s a framework yet that would make something that looks nearly as good as a properly designed material app

Zerom: Arc_: i mean even google has released a decent material design framework to build on web technologies

Keator: Seriously, its not that hard to get 90% close to native for most functional interfaces with web technologies these days

Caddle: Voyage: its antiquated, bloated, dead project that was built to support old devices

Moller: The thing is that if you build using polymer, that’s what it will look like on ios too

Stalley: I wasnt talking about polymer

Bertschy: Its all relative to what youre trying to do

Rish: Ok, well it’s the same with whatever else

Parlee: Arc_, whats polymer?

China: You look at any functional-driven application bankign app or whatever

Gastley: They’re all mostly platform agnostic from a design perspective

Huesing: Https://

Lastufka: Plus there are ways to adjust how it looks depending on the platform; all im saying is that webviews these days are close enough that you can get the behaviour and performance of a native UI or 90% to it

Frix: And build the thing only once

Rocquemore: They’re pretty good. the differences are kind of important though

Wint: Or can be, depending on what you’re doing, anywa

Goettsche: Yeah, it depends on what youre building for sure

Sen: We build quite a few hybrid webapps

Devenny: Responsive website but the one only runs on phones inside a webview. I plan to exchange data to and from native phone posible by android functions i guess. Doing this to use same website on iOS and still avoid my too much data to be fetched each time via API calls. + I will be able to change design and functionality of app from web server. I dont have to require my users to update their app

Broglio: You’ll have issues publishing that to the apple store

Drozd: They generally dont like it when you host core interface components not within the app

Erdmun: Its a security concern

Loflin: What security concerns?

Henery: I mean whats to prevent you from getting a bunch of people to install the app, then you completely change what it is by hosting different files

Royals: And use it to exploit information