Extreminador: add to your.

Madalinski: Extreminador: I am not sure I understand. if x { /* this executes if x is truthy */ } else { /* this executes if x is falsy */ }

Madalinski: So, SOMETHING is always executed

Susa: Wait a sec i will paste the code in paste link

Madalinski: Either one part or another part. there is no way to make if skip altogether

Spitzer: What the link please to paste a code ?

Hinke: But i remember the other one the jsfiddle one

Madalinski: Bpaste.net is not working? looks nice from my side.

Beutler: Werd for me it redirect to net.net/?q=bpaste

Perlin: And it stay on image saying

Reale: Net.net NET.NET is the best domain name on the Internet!

Bunton: We will not reply to any offers under $1.000.000.

Wease: Http://jsfiddle.net/c5crj28z/

Gilkey: This is just part of the code

Bois: Forgo ti paste the function wait

Whichard: Http://jsfiddle.net/c5crj28z/1/

Rubenfeld: This is for a google sheet code. the procjogador function is to search in that column for a name

Bertolasio: If it find’s that name it will return the row number

Brodsho: But if nothing is found i think returns nothing. no idea if x at that time will be null or something else

Turi: Atm it’s the if part not working, the else is when it found’s the name

Madalinski: Extreminador: as for domain issue, check your machine for malware. I had checked from few nodes around the world, and it works as expected. As for your code, if you don’t know what is returned, consult sources for function, or dump it into console.

Mcclusky: Is there anyway to see post parameters in a fiddle jsfiddle

Bebout: Or codepen for that matter

Madalinski: What is the point of “x = null; x = procWhatever;” by the way?

Hnat: Ahh that was after tht i added

Grounds: Put in a logger, then log x after you have ***igned it to see what it returns, then set the if statement based on that, maybe even adding a else if

Sevaaetasi: Just in case when next x resturn some error

Rennick: I did change to code trying to see why else was not working

Francis: Yehh will check if console is giving any error

Tewes: Hi, im trying to add an event listener to flowplayer using a userscript on mp4upload.com but it doesnt seem to be getting triggered. though that same code worked on flowplayer official website.

Defouw: To add to that, that same code worked when done through the console

Weldin: As such i’ve even used prologed settimeout to make sure everything was loaded before calling the code and still no luck

Keitsock: Makalak: put a console.log in your userscript to make sure the userscript itself is even being loaded?

Eisenbrandt: Keitsock, ya im using alerts, but for the same purpose, the script is loaded at key points, start, before the event listener and at the end, to make sure everything works. i even have alert inside the listner function. all of them get called except the listener one

Strutton: Is there like a sublime text plugin that when you highlight this, it will highlight to where it’s referring to?

Enbody: To make it even more puzzling, $f.onBegin is called but no onLoad. but then I need to add another event onCuePoint. inside onBegin, which also refuses to run

Haugen: Guessx, Madalinski the function when user is not listed does not return nothing

Caneer: This is the userscript http://pastebin.com/4mkQBX4i

Gierlach: Currently i am getting 4 random words from a table then displaying them and having one clicked and now i need to display a new set of words but i dont want to refresh the page

Linea: This is so stupid, it seems console and the browser read differently. using them in the console is fine, while in the userscript causes it to break

Straton: Extreminador: add to your if statement, if!xx == ” x== undefined{//do foo} etc