Damn, i’m so excited.

Keitsock: Makalak: my first guess is that you need event delegation

Keitsock: Or to do***ent.ready all your code

Keitsock: Try that, and if that doesn’t fix it, paste code

Bucaram: Http://pastebin.com/d00JS2Xy

Keitsock: Krambal: what’s the question?

Latina: Any idea why that is not updating the div

Mote: Hmmm, i’m reading an article and it’s saying that when ‘use strict’ is used, the ‘this’ in global scope becomes undefined. So I tried it. When I console.logthis; It outputs Window object

Keitsock: Krambal: check your console for errors. look at the network tab and inspect the request to see what it’s returning

Keitsock: If you can’t figure it out there, make a fiddle, using the actual real rendered code, not the PHP code

Keitsock: Krambal: make sure to include the refresh button in your fiddle too because I don’t see it here in your paste

Lukasiewicz: Ah, the ‘this’ inside the function becomes undefined :

Cattabriga: Keitsock do i need to load it into jsfiddle ?

Keitsock: Zumba_addict: give this article a good read: http://perfectionkills.com/know-thy-reference/

Iozzi: Yup been reading that too. You gave it to me the other day

Keitsock: Zumba_addict: “this” depends how the function is called. in strict mode if you call the function as foo, this is undefined

Sholar: Btw, I tried to override window using this code window = {} but it’s not overriding it :

Keitsock: Yeah you probably can’t override window. why would you want to anyway?

Verge: I was playing with it and wanted to see what’s going to happen :

Roswick: Once I master ‘this’, bind, call and apply, I’ll become a better js programmer

Mondino: I’m understanding it better and better everyday

Keitsock: And then you can learn FP and forget this entirely! haha

Keitsock: Functional programming

Gerrero: Keitsock: Functional programming: A style of programming which uses only pure mathematical functions, avoiding side-effects

Yeakel: Makalak: i dont think isloaded exsists with jQuery unless you add it as a protype

Quist: Are we going back to functional programming?

Roehl: When I code, it’s mixed

Gutting: I think that was one of the reason why the other dev couldn’t understand my code

Keitsock: I think it tends to be easier to reason about, especially in async code, but yeah I think people who go full-bore one style are misguided

Keitsock: Sometimes it makes no sense to write something functionally

Lepak: But that f*cking guy made me look so bad in our boss

Marinello: Glad i bailed out at the proper time 😀

Va: Http://i.imgur.com/nRs0DbO.pnghttps://gist.github.com/tejasmanohar/3d491c939921c439f04f#file-js-L22

Keliipio: I was told yesterday that next year we are going to fluent

Pastore: I’m not sure why im getting this error when trying to use object literals in the place of switch statements to clean up code

Crispino: Not sure what that is, i haven’t search it yet

Reddinger: He said, it’s a conference

Carlock: I’m not sure if i heard it correctly because her voice is so friggin soft

Nicewander: Should i be using obj literals here instead of switch statement?

Wolhok: Im going to have more languages like swift, etc.

Keitsock: Tejasmanohar: are you sure you have the es7 features enabled?

Keitsock: Looks like the await is throwing it off

Abdulkarim: Wow, maybe this is it – http://lanyrd.com/2016/fluentconf/

Bethell: Keitsock: i have es7 features enabled. i was using await here just a bit ago

Voelker: Oh, this is the one – http://conferences.oreilly.com/fluent-javascript-html-ca

Shurts: Https://gist.github.com/tejasmanohar/249d4717c42a11f668cc works, cjohnson

Jorinscay: Damn, i’m so excited!