How can make to execute.

Soda: S/optizer/optimizer/ # though “optizer” is an appealying word

Mastropietro: Functiona { a = 3; return arguments; }1, 2, 3

Gerrero: Mastropietro: object {0: 3, 1: 2, 2: 3, callee: function a { a = 3; return arguments; }, length: 3}

Mastropietro: Notice the weird referencing of a number variable

Mastropietro: The arguments object is changed by the changing of a local variable

Mastropietro: According to using the arguments object outside of the function results in memory leaks

Mastropietro: When you call slice with arguments, its doing that

Thruman: Mastropietro: it’s not a memory leak.

Devonshire: Mastropietro: it’s talking about leaking implementation details outside of particular optimisation scopes.

Plungy: Mastropietro: the point is if you avoid p***ing the arguments object to code that can’t be reasoned about statically, it might not be able to optimise away the object itself.

Mastropietro: I’d like to know as well exactly how the optimizer is killed

Mastropietro: In most implementations

Mastropietro: Oh I see, that makes sense

Onsurez: Arguments objects have a bunch of really weird semantics, including the ability to modify variables created by the parameters.

Sedano: So it’s better to make sure the implementation doesn’t have to implement all of that weird stuff for your function.

Skeldon: Does that argue against APIs that have a funciton {}.apply ?

Gerrero: Mastropietro: undefined; Console: 4, 4

Diekema: Meh, there’s a way to do something like that.

Walthour: Maybe described in

Kulaga: I turned off javascript ONCE and now google think’s i don’t have it so it shows a super old version of their website

Belken: Does anyone know how to fix this?

Accosta: Okay, looks like the Spidermonkey version there just doesn’t conform. If you run that above code in current versions of V8 or Spidermonkey, probably, it says 4, 5

Boatman: Subli, sounds like a browser issue; you can tell by trying from another browser

Hardebeck: The SM on is from about 2008

Cassio: Yeah it’s fine in other browsers. thing is i can’t delete individual cookies

Mastropietro: Gerrero really needs an update

Hoffelmeyer: Jude, note spidermonkey comment below code pre in

Riel: Looks like an article from 2011

Fogerty: Nvm, found a way to do it

Gerrero: Jude: string ‘JavaScript-C 1.8.5 2011-03-31’

Brownfield: Okay, 2011 then, Firefox 4.

Mastropietro: Stavnes: I pushed a small update to ecmabot

Mastropietro: I’d like to know about his memory usage is _

Sambrook: SM is the engine used in firefox?

Jarzembowski: If x { etc etc } else { etc etc }

Sheild: Is this correct the else part in case x does not exit

Madalinski: Extreminador: “does not exit” – never terminates?

Madalinski: Well, it does exist. if you mean that it does not execute – of course, if “x” condition is truthy

Madalinski: Pre ES6, if you had function declaration there, it would hoist

Correy: Before that if i have this “x = procJogador targetSheet, “A”, 3, dJogador;”

Minucci: But procJogdor my return nothing

Madalinski: If “nothing” is null, undefined or empty string, then else part is indeed not executed

Madalinski: Or false, or any other falsy value

Lechel: Yehh else is never being executed indeed

Greenan: How can make to execute something else when x has nothing ?