Each cell should be a.

Kartchner: Baax: unless the entity gets some huge x value for some reason

Mostafavi: If it does, i want to know

Rissler: Thats the thing about ***erts

Gbur: They should all always be true.

Stuchlik: Right of course . cheers

Barners: If they’re false theres a bug somewhere

Riina: Hey, anyone want to help me out with a quick issue

Aplin: Regarding – “Failed to execute ‘write’ on ‘Do***ent’: It isn’t possible to write into a do***ent from an asynchronously-loaded external script unless it is explicitly opene”

Detommaso: I can’t tell what’s adding a style attribute to an element. How can I detect this?

Ondic: Look at the css being applied to it

Kulaga: Http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=XpJ0HH8P Anyone know why moment.js is deciding that my timestamp is near to the unix epoch instead of what it should be june 19th 2015?

Pexsa: Kulaga, Multiply by 1000. Moment reads in milliseconds, and that is probably seconds.

Usman: Kulaga: you are missing three zeros

Usman: It’s not a moment thing, all JS dates are ms

Kulaga: Thanks, didn’t realise that

Wafford: Which operation removes a substring from a string

Detommaso: Higuchi: It is being added by JS. . Firefox ev sign helped me trace it to the keydown event

Ferencz: I have an array = #a, #b

Detommaso: It’s a bootstrap dropdown and it is acting like it is on key down

Detommaso: Lack of ev on chrome dev tools wouldn’t let me easily know what event is responsible for things so I looked through firefox

Umbright: Django_: you can use String#replace if you want to remove a particular prefix, if it exists, or String#slice, if you want to remove a number of characters, regardless of what those characters are.

Detommaso: And I traced it to a keydown event for the dropdown. On keydown it should display: block

Wakley: Dekok: object ‘a’, ‘b’

Detommaso: But I’m not even clicking it. It’s been that way on page refresh

Offutt: Dekok: what is the x in the function

Wakley: Django_: Array.prototype.map – JavaScript MDN https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Array/map

Griese: Dekok: thatsnot what i need, I need an operation that takes a string ‘#x’ and return ‘x’

Teskey: I cant seem to figure otu which operation, through js, does that

Mckillips: Django_: did you read anything that I said there?

Gomberg: Dekok: “#a”, “#b”.mapfunctionx x.replace/#/g, ” what does /#/g mean?

Fullman: Its hard to find good help

Spontak: Django_: it’s a regular expression.

Wakley: Django_: RegExp – JavaScript MDN https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/RegExp

Vacek: Hmm i am trying to load keycaptcha via just javascript.

Nasalroad: Django_, begin with a #

Stuchlik: Tcsc: is is just me or will this grid not be split evenly in the y direction?

Scaife: Well i ripped that code out and changed some stuff

Mcwatters: So it could have some bugs

Chears: It should be even in y, why wouldnt it be?

Stuchlik: Becuase it takes the largest from width or height / gridNumber , which will give one with a lower value

Stuchlik: Then var cellY = Math.floorentity.y / this.cellSize;, seems to be off if the X value was larger than Y

Stuchlik: I can write this up better if that’s not explained very well.

Tsao: Uh, it’s okay if the grid goes beyond the world bounds

Bollens: You could also have two cell sizes

Alires: One for x and one for y

Stuchlik: Right- so it just won’t be an even split

Clear: Each cell should be a square in this one