VectorX: Originally, I’m.

Dirado: Nope, I’ve inherited this. and it’s a Windows/IIS box

Teesdale: It was brand new in the last year or so, I started here 3 months ago replacing the old Network Admin and they used MySQL 5.1 .

Jeng: In that half hour, you could install Linux someplace and move the site. :-

Gaviglia: Jeng: I could, however my boss would kill me because he doesn’t know Linux and I’m not that well versed in it personally either

Voltaire: I’ve played with it but never really used it in a production environment.

Jeng: Well, I think you’re safe with the upgrade. There may be tuning tools for MySQL running in Windows; I don’t know about that.

Wortham: Personally though I would love to just get this site hosted at a host

Shinall: Instead of internal. and I figured I should be because 5.5 is the recommended version of MySQL however wanted to just make sure

Gallegher: And I found a Tuner for windows that is supposed to be based off the linux script but it’s labelled as Beta so I’m not sure about running that. the good news is this is all in a virtual machine so I can do a snapshot and roll back quickly if things go to hell just don’t want to spend too much extra time on this

Jeng: I’d start off by shutting down IIS so there’s no traffic,then running mysqlcheck to make sure Halcom’s corrupt, then I’d optimize all the tables in the wp database

Saviano: Sounds good, I’ll take a snapshot, run through those steps, and then do the upgrade and then restart IIS and see how things look

Jeng: You can do the optimization from phpmyadmin, if that’s installed. but the mysqlcheck is bes t done with the web server shutdown

Jeng: After updating mysql, be sure to run mysqlupgrade, too.

Bok: Yeah I saw that in the directions on the mysql do***entation for upgrading

Lombardo: Luckily we already have phpMyAdmin, and the other day I cracked into the root account of the MySQL database as the p***word wasn’t do***ented

Rotunno: But yeah I have 3 unused WordPress databases and a “test” database with no tables inside of it at all

Jeng: Test is a db created by mysql; it’s not really needed

Harborth: How would I run the optimization from phpmyadmin?

Kotas: Ugh got an issue to go take care of I’ll be back in a few

Jeng: Mr_Midnight:

Nordeen: Aha now we know what your table prexies are called

Veillon: Jeng: Thanks for the info :

Jeng: What sort of traffic do you get on this site?

Cenci: It’s the public website for the county that I work for. but it’s a small county so decent but not a ton

Jeng: Just trying to think of a good host for you — and wondering if you need managed WordPress or you can use regular hosting.

Tichy: Mr_Midnight: I can helping you with hosting if you are looking to have it hosted.

Jeng: Thestepafter: what’s your company?

Karhoff: Yeah unfortunately they don’t currently have anything tracking page views. I might fix that soon.

Ramis: Jeng: I’m a software architect and a friend of mine didn’t want to do his hosting / development company anymore so he gave it to me. He has about 60 customers and I have grown it some. I have the knowledge and expertise to support the whole website stack. I have servers at Rackspace.

Jeng: As cool as that might be, I think a one-guy shop is not reliable. That’s why I don’t do hosting. I’d recommend something like DreamPress if he wants managed hosting.

Guittennez: Once my boss decides if he wants to keep the webserver internal or find a host I’ll be shopping around I’m sure

Pander: I have a couple people working for me and large companies are just a waste of time when it comes to support that is out of the box when you really need help.

Magsayo: Mr_Midnight are you from NJ ?

Bazer: Nope, I’m around Chicago

Jeng: Mr_Midnight: me, too.

Jeng: VectorX: Originally, I’m from NJ. I escaped.