It’s about tradeoffs.

Mattila: What’s the context. are you using a validation library?

Mattila: Not up on that library but:

Rasool: Hi guys, I’m hoping someone can help me with this: – I’m trying to check if any submenus are open, and then close them if the user is closing the main menu.

Ertle: Snowdogs if#subMenu.hasCl***’open’ ?

Binn: Snowdogs try this

Litner: VictorCL: thanks, taking a look now :

Cozzy: VictorCL: thanks for that, unfortunately, if i do that it will slideToggle all elements with cl*** .subMenu

Gaton: Is what u had originally

Mattila: Uh, your using #, that’s an id, not a cl***

Mattila: Or that’s what you gave in the code snipplet

Lestor: Mattila: you’re right, i’m an idiot – wasn’t thinking when writing the pastebin

Lutrell: Mattila: it’s supposed to be a cl***

Boesen: Mattila: sorry, that makes all the difference

Mattila: Can you update your snipplet?

Rowels: Mattila:

Lockart: Damnit – i need to fix the comment too

Belay: Mattila: thanks i’ll try it out right now

Mckean: Mattila: wow that works great, thank you!

Stocki: Robertmaxrees: hi, remember this ?

Mones: Robertmaxrees: on the 1st mouseenter happening, there is a blank space while it’s loading all the lazy images, how can i make it so that it displays a loading placeholder.gif while it loads the lazy images?

Schellenger: Hi all, when i debugg a webpage in Chrome, how to know if a div is created or is invisible or exists?

Mattila: Jak2000: $selector.length 0 will let you know if it exists

Jezek: Adv_ lol there’s over 650 people in the channel ;

Martillo: And that’s. not as simple as it sounds.

Danks: Robertmaxrees: but you already know what’s going on with that thing :

Maditz: I barely remember what i ate for breakfast, and i ate less than an hour ago and it’s the same thing every day ;

Toalson: Robertmaxrees: did you understand what i asked?

Hueso: Why am i the only one who can help?

Crowl: And the issue is a little more complex than I think you realize.

Genrich: Other advice, i want create a wizard with this questions 1 Wich Customer? CANCEL/NEXT 2 Wich City CANCEL/NEXT 3 Range of Price CANCEL/NEXT . any advice how to start it?

Halliday: You need to create the image elements on the fly, attach a load event handler to them before insterting the source, and then swap them out as necessary.

Struckhoff: Robertmaxrees: you’re not the only one i guess but you were the original helper heh

Emmitt: Did you read any of what i just said though?

Bianchin: Robertmaxrees: hm. sounds complicated, would that eliminate all of the current overhead?

Schlitzer: It’s not that complicated

Helander: That would add more overhead.

Torbert: Then it defeats the purpose.

Mcinally: 1: stop prematurely optimizing.

Delapenha: 2: “overhead” is a really broad term

Albero: What i’m really asking is: is there a way that i can eliminate that blank thing that happens on the 1st mouseenter because the lazy images haven’t loaded yet?

Mickelson: It looks like a flicker

Dus: Yes – i just explained how :

Ketchen: Alternatively, load the first, say, 5 images normally.

Crye: But if i do what you said there will still be overhead but another kind

Mummert: There will be additional overhead.

Reifman: It’s about tradeoffs.