Don’t see a.

Usman: The Offspring – Come Out and Play Keep ’em Delegated

Usman: Just added to “la crema”

Workinger: Anyone have critique / feedback on this code? cleaner way to do it?

Workinger: Maybe l#4 is too long?

Lanini: Your tabs are two spaces

Linzie: Two space tabs are the one true way

Leagjeld: Just curious what language is it?

Earles: Buu: you’re a heratic

Chawla: Once upon a time js though to have the cl*** clause also . before 10 years or more

Lue: Ten years after that , js is still prototype in that sense

Workinger: I guess this is better , Torkable

Workinger: Since i don’t really need { } just because it’s multi-line if it’s an express

Nappier: Not using curly braces

Elliot: Is d3.js required for vega?

Politte: Workinger: there’s still too many curly braces there. And parenthesis. If you added any other it would pretty much be Lisp

Motamed: I don’t get this. slice function in MDN explains as it takes two arguments, the start and the end you want to slice, but below it shows you can use slice on arguments doing Array.prototype.slice.callarguments so but how does this work when official MDN do***ent says it only takes arguments from A to B and nothing else ?

Yorgey: It means that the second one is zero

Vergamini: RonRichie: .callx p***es x as this, and 0 arguments

Fogel: Dekok ahhhhh, got it 😀

Kokenge: Hey Dekok gotta ask you something, some time ago you gave me an url from your github that showed the usage of call, bind and apply, could you please by any chances give me that link again? it was very useful it just I accidentally lost it :-/

Nardozzi: RonRichie: are you sure it was me and in my github? I don’t really remember anything like that

Prosper: Dekok might be wrong about github thing, it’s just how I remember, ahh or maybe it was on pastebin? but you gave me the link for sure and it had several cases of using apply bind and call with comments in it

Schuessler: I don’t get vega — it is a grammer — but how to do call it or bind it to a data element

Meyerson: Hello, I have several svg files, I’d like to stack them on ontop of the other z-index and merge them into 1 svg. Any pointers on how to do it or a link to a tutorial that explains how to do that?

Gronewald: For instance, I have a custom background svg, and a custom logo svg, I’d like to put the logo on top of the background and create 1 svg out of it

Armentor: You can layer them one on top of the other or merge them

Gerteisen: I’m such a pro, basic interview question gae me an anxiety attack just trying to code .

Rax: Epichero, how do I merge them in javascript?

Dorsch: Epichero, also, what was the question?

Stuchlik: Can you p*** a function like in Python? I mean literally write ‘p***’ within the funciton rather than p***ing the function as a value or something.

Repinski: Can you explain a little what is happening in python?

Stuchlik: Techdeck: yeah – say you’d just written a function heading but no body, you can put ‘p***’, and it won’t throw an error or anything, it’ll just p*** over the function

Damour: Just leave it empty in js.

Stuchlik: Tcsc: oh right, fair.

Richemond: Python needs that because otherwise its a syntax error.

Lonneman: Because of the indentation.

Stenerson: After the : the next non-empty line is indented, or something.

Fumagalli: People recommend me to put a space after the function name, in function declarations. I hate it but I’m trying it. function foo a1, a2 { . } Do you guys agree with them, that it’s a preferable style?

Stuchlik: That’s weird to read because the lines split btw joeytwiddle

Braunstein: Don’t see a difference