But u know ive heard.

Lokan: Cache doesn’t belong in a plugin. day late, dollar short.

Lokan: Varnish, memcached, google-pagespeed, nginx, cloudflare . all better caching options

Copus: I always hear mixed feelings on cloudflare

Fara: Well i’m not sure how to deal with it then

Meloche: Try the clearing after 1 hour

Cauthen: What are your options besdies an hour

Fara: I can set to anything

Mcculloh: Set it to clear each day

Fara: But the weird thing is, for him it could happen

Fara: But for me it works fine

Fara: And on some other places it works fine

Fara: It is 24hours at the moment

Fara: Could file optimiation effect it?

Fara: Minification & Concatenation

Soplop: Sounds like you have a slew of things running on your site

Fara: Its all from the same WP Rocket _

Fara: Trust me, if it was me building that site, I wouldnt use that freaking theme

Fara: Which didnt get a single update since 2012

Fara: Its the company that made the site for my mate. few years ago

Heebsh: Can you turn off the “file optimizations”?

Yueh: Turn it off and see if it causes problems for your friends

Fara: Warning: Concatenating files can cause display errors.

Fara: I just see this there lol.

Fara: Turned it off everything there, ill see in a few days if he still has those problems.

Fara: It’s just that google recommends to do file optiomisation of spaces and **** like that to improve site score

Coxey: Rapid: Please help us keep Vache a family friendly room, and avoid using foul language.

Lucey: Its such a hit and miss game

Cardosi: Little here, little there, stab yourself in the hand, its happy for amoment

Fara: Google seo makes us go nuts :

Perrier: What kind of hosting are you using?

Fara: Must say, from the short time im editing his website

Bohley: They are an EIG company

Cronauer: HG use to be great, sold to EIG a company who sinks companies

Bednarski: So so, they are trying to get better

Gamino: BlueHost is part of EIG

Kaea: Stay away from anyone on this list

Miyahara: Http://researchasahobby.com/full-list-eig-hosting-companies-brands/

Inserra: I left all the big guys cause all their new servers have all kinds of crazy new monitoring and limits they can apply any time they feel like it

Ramsden: GoDaddy would take my site down whenever the server I was on had too much going on, can’t get solid rank if your site is going down all throughout the day

Fara: Hostgator feels super slow for me, could be jsut me.

Borio: Hostgator was moved to EIG’s datacenter

Suriel: I use VPS systems from DigitalOcean, if I was to go with a host it would be MediaTemple

Mounkes: Theprimehost.com has been good to me, great if you don’t know or don’t want to mess with setting up a server, you just need a linux serve rup and online with cpanel and whm

Pizer: I plan to move to vultr at some point myself, after I experiment with them

Fara: Well, tbh I started working on wordpressl like 1 month ago, I’m a computer science student, so I have coding knowledge from past events. but every average guy would notice teh slow of hostgator

Fara: And crap coding on theme’s

Playle: Lol I am not a hostgator fan, I find their backend interface to manage my account awkward on top of the slow speeds

Fara: Wanted to help my mate and create an avada site for him. but that would take too much time to recreate a site, time i dont have

Fara: But u know ive heard bluehost are good, thats funny