Walden: Hey guys ive got a select that populates from mysql and i use a jquery function to style the select. the problem i have is i use an ajax call to some php to echo the select drop down but the function is already called, how can i make the function get caled again after the ajax request has completed

Oldham: Scriptonaut oh, i guess serialize can run against specific elements. thought you had to point it at the form element

Borner: Robertmaxrees: why would $”:input” not return a textarea

Leeker: It’s returning buttons just fine

Elsbree: Ok so this is my function $function{

Albriton: Where would i add .done

Galinis: Don’t post code in the channel.

Villines: Sorry im new to all this

Resureccion: You gotta paste multiliners

Masaya: Yeah – and you want to run multiselect after the ajax has finished?

Fiesel: Put everything there but the do***ent ready in the .done of the ajax call.

Tamburo: Ok now im really confused

Prospal: You have an ajax call, right?

Abdelhamid: And do i need to put that on the ajax page or on the original page

Tarallo: Where is that ajax code right now?

Ogaldez: Wherever it is, tack on .donefunnction { /* the code you pasted above */ };

Tesmer: Ok let me explain. i have a page that searches candidates they can add a preferred county then i have an ajax call that echos a select back onto the search candidates page only containing towns within the county specified

Mcgunnigle: So tack on that .done to the ajax call.

Pool: Make a bpaste or something if you’re still confused.

Schmit: This is returning elements with value == “”, why would that be? $that.find’:inputvalue!=””value!=”.”‘

Rafla: It returns the elements, then I tested their value individually

Claughton: Ok, changed it to that

Tilleman: Use a functil instead.

Kot: Do I even need the :input

Ankrom: Right im probably being a complete muppet here but really dont understand as this is a new thing for me

Tafolla: Attribute selectors are gross, Scriptonaut

Kleban: Manners13 is that your current ajax call?

Nostro: Like, where’s the ajax call you’re currently running?

Iburg: Also, jsfiddle and javascript, actually don’t use php.

Kaune: Awesome, that worked, thanks robertmaxrees

Malool: Scriptonaut .filter is awesome, especially when you p*** it a function that returns true or false based on your own logic.

Comfort: Ya, will definitely be using this more in the future rather than fumbling with the attribute selectors

Mckearney: Https://

Nicoletti: The original call is on there

Hinderaker: Oh, you’re not using jquery’s ajax.

Aalbers: This is all native JS.

Traner: See the bit where you’re doing xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function { ?

Wik: Can I have an ajax call that upon success makes another ajax call?

Gitzen: Manners13 put the multiselect call in that callback.

Mckendree: Is there any penalty for using multiple ajax calls in the same request?

Lowen: You mean chaining them like that?

Gemmen: Perfect thak you soooo much

Bonifacio: What does “$function { . }” do exactly?

Battiste: Can I just leave that out?

Staab: It’s a do***ent ready

Gangwish: Same thing as $do***ent.ready

Biddle: And it depends on where your code is in relation to your markup.

Must: Ah. I just read to the part that was explained.

Sjolander: I was reading

Sally: Hmm. Galvan-pipeline-typescript