Delegated being easiest to.

Poloskey: Iv tried putting the script on teh ajax page which again if i load directly it displays fine

Bohnet: But when i call it into the div on the original page i lose the nice multiselect i have used

Lamothe: Phale socket.addEventListener’open’, doThisOnOpen

Osman: Do i need to re echo the script into the original page

Fatone: Robdubya: i’ll try it.

Polak: Tcsc wwuhh I hope so man. this gets overwhelming at times, how can a beginner even be required to complete such an intense pre-course. hopefully after graduating this will be well worth it

Cave: Shouldn’t really matter though. can you see the connection being opened in devtools? what’s python say?

Buhl: Robdubya; still doesnt seem to work. Python doesnt say anything but if I refresh the website it seems to close the socket

Mote: Suggesting that its open

Furubotten: RonRichie: who knows. if its expensive i’d worry more about that than anything else.

Binet: Tcsc it is expensivethough not so much considering outcome can be pretty darn good, Ive already covered the tuition, what I worry about is being able to learn all these new stuff in such a fast-paced manner, you might have heard of this school, it’s called Hack Reactor

Mohinani: I think i’ve seen people come on here reimplementing underscore before.

Klines: Tcsc they were having just as tough time though?

Pillow: That sounds reasonable, as this is not something meant to be done by someone with 4-5 months of programming experience like me lol

Welman: Although that’s meaningless because the ones who weren’t wouldn’t ask

Jurisch: Yeah that sure sounds logical

Schardt: I feel like something like that would leave sizable gaps in your education.

Yendell: Tcsc going over all these materials in fast-paced manner in 3 months you mean?

Nacy: Aha you right, but when I look at their students like half of them come from no background at all like me, and they come out as decent developers as their hiring states suggest as well as the companies who hire them, but they’ve really really great and knowledgeable stuff, Im sure as hell though it’s gonna be one of the hardest things Ive done in my life and at times will get to go through grief too lol

Espiridion: Hello, is there any peferred way to conver a div to canvas? I need to convert some HTML content do an image

Carthon: Diegoaguilar: you can’t do that really

Kerekes: It would be a security issue.

Bonepart: Sorry? “share ur game feature”

Longman: You can’t render a div onto a canvas.

Champine: I think someone compiled webkit through emscripten and you might be able to get that to approximate it with that.

Waley: It’s somewhat unfortunate, because it would be very convenient to use in webgl.

Neeb: Well what I really want is to get an “screencapture”

Greenfield: If you are a browser extension you can probably do something like it

Worrell: But again, not from normal js.

Nedd: What about

Zeto: Hey there. Is there anyway to get the screen size without the zoom level affecting the result?

Amarillas: Diegoaguilar: try it and see how accurate it is.

Lacasa: It’s up front that it’s an approximation

Stufflebean: That’s all you can do.

Agliam: Can anyone point me in the right direction, how can i load a script on an ajax page to be put back into the original page

Brettmann: Or to apply to the php on the ajax page

Adkerson: I use a div to get the ajaxed page pack into but then it doesnt contain my multiselect script to style it properly

Usman: Ideally if it’s code that’s already on your page you would refactor it to either be delegated or be able to run multiple times and run it after you inject new content

Usman: Delegated being easiest to manage