Oh wow, so then it is.

Buckland: Popup is not even there, how is this working?

Schoeppner: I removed it from the code. i added a div cl***=”block” around some other divs

Dowty: And looking for that instead

Botdorf: Now what I want basically is to make the Early Pick up to change that input box to 5:00

Schwizer: And even if I click on AM it should be 5:00 if Pick up early is selected

Petito: Well how can I do it with radios

Mollohan: Well i’m not really gonna hold your hand and tell you what to do :

Principe: Go try, come back in a few hours if you didn’t get it ;

Gregson: Otherwise you’ll stay a newbie

Esposita: Well that’s why I came

Natalizio: To see how can I start on this

Berks: Ok and you got a little push

Ellifritz: I’m not saying take my hand and show me but at least something to begin with

Scannapieco: You haven’t even said what the problem is

Lerow: Or what you’ve tried that isn’t working

Peller: You just said “the result needs to be x,y,z”

Rusteika: Well how can I do it with radios

Kalawe: How can I call a function with radios instead with buttons

Pittner: Radio buttons have a click event too, better usually to use the “change” event though

Gasaway: So I can use change to call a js function

Kinkaid: You did it for the click event, it’s not any different for the change event. even though the way you’re doing it with onclick attribute on the element itself is a bad way

Winland: Better to put in your code smth like $’#mybutton’.on’click’, functione { var btn = $this; . }

Lawler: Ok but how can I know when the button is on certain side

Skyes: Radios have a .checked property

Gochett: A boolean proprety, true or false based on if it’s selected

Weik: Oh like checked on or off?

Mcwells: And then I have to checked if is on after I call the JS function correcT?

Obradovich: Also might be a way using .value but i don’t remember at the moment how

Plungy: E.g. if this.checked { . }

Ocana: Ok so then I can call it with the onclick event

Thain: Just like the other buttons

Vanputten: He wants to live with it :

Kunicki: SmashingX I can live with it

Gollhofer: I have an ancient version of jquery in my server

Marschel: So I don’t think on works

Gossom: Http://api.jquery.com/bind/

Littledave: Well I don’t want to refactor all my code

Ginnetti: I’m focused on this right now

Sayyed: It’d be a worthwhile refactor to do fwiw.

Lomu: Well I can do it over the weekend

Rodd: Btw SmashingX what i said about radios, i have no idea how much of it is applicable to jquery-mobile stuff, havent used it myself

Bendlage: I used onclick and look: http://jsfiddle.net/1j7xter3/3/

Brownson: Now is not a radio anymore

Echter: SmashingX: onclick=”setTimeToPMthis;/

Chauhan: Where can I get more information about how to handle radios

Searight: Hey guys, I have this snippet: $that.serialize. I would like to have something like: $that.find”:inputvalue!=””.serialize, however that would exclude textareas and selects, how can I remove the empty values from the serialize method?

Calta: But seriously, you can’t – you’ll have to manually code that out

Cassius: There’s no way in jquery to select only things that have a non empty string value?

Monzingo: What is the difference between: $”:input” and $”input”

Hepler: Https://api.jquery.com/input-selector/

Wickert: Oh wow, so then it is possible right?