B***ette: no. i do work in.

Stelzer: And then _selectedHeroName will either be one of the items of the _heroes array, or null

Knutzen: Tehopeologist http://www.es6fiddle.net/ieep7sog/

Lefort: Awesome, thank you both! i get where i was going wrong now. have a great weekend! i get an early one this week 😀

Meddaugh: How do I correctly handle Unhandled promise rejection ?

Namaka: Alpers: add a .catch call

Eelkema: In the .catchfn, say I have logged the error correctly, What do I return?

Edgecomb: Undefined, null, false and Promise.resolve don’t work.

Karg: In what work do they not work?

Lamboy: Https://gist.github.com/Alpers/5634c07fbb618e190b36#file-application-js-L49

Couper: The second log in the console is the problem. I thought I handled it by ***igning the bound method in the start method

Markstrom: React’s new stateless components are beautiful var Hello = {name} = divHello {name}/div;

Markstrom: They talk about it in the 0.14RC blog post

Meissner: I think the more i use react the lower my opinion of it becomes.

Markstrom: I’m a total React fanboi

Thorton: I quite like CycleJS at the moment

Markstrom: Everything I see about Angular2 makes me thing the entire Angular ecosystem is going to take a huge hit

Enriquez: Fooey: how do you deal with animations? doing them via js is tedious, via css is limited, and using reactcsstransitiongroup is bug prone.

Salaza: Its muuuuch muuuuch nicer

Bassette: Csstransitiongroup is garbage. Haven’t had any issues with css personally.

Ker: Its all the things people like about angular1 declarative templates, for example without all the totally wacky angular weirdness $scope

Bartol: You can’t pause or stop a css transition

Schimming: There’s no more $scope?

Schimming: What about $rootScope I need that

Markstrom: My main issue with Angular2 is that it’s unusuable outside mobile since they only support evergreen browsers

Bassette: Tcsc: how else would you do it anywhere else then? You’d use JS right?

Laubhan: Schimming you didnt’ need it in angular1, and yeah, its totally gone

Currington: B***ette: yeah, but doing it via js with react is extremely tedious. lots of setState inside rafs

Markstrom: If Angular2 doesn’t run on ie9 or ie10, where can you expect to actually use it in the next few years?

Schimming: I’m just lamenting. you taught me my best angular lessons last year. “if you’re using $parent, you’re doing it wrong!”

Kolupke: Fooey you could polyfill most of the things in ie10 it needs, as far as i can tell. its just official support. and i’d rather they look forward a couple of years

Bridgeman: You’re just clearly running up against the limitations of react. it seems to be good for mostly static sites that maybe have fairly trivial animations but once you have animations you lose a lot of it’s benefits

Amerine: And it just gets in the way

Cotey: Animations are hard anyway.

Marchetti: Hell, even doing them with jquery was way nicer than doing them with react

Riola: At a cursory glance, it looks really strange, but its generally a simpler framework overall

Hiedeman: Much closer to vanilla ES6

Snipes: And generally more react-like in terms of components and data flow

Markstrom: I still do my animations with jQuery/Velocity inside React

Bassette: Tcsc: do you work for disney or something?

Govan: Dekok: Any idea how I can stop the second log in the console from happening? https://gist.github.com/Alpers/5634c07fbb618e190b36

Markstrom: You just have to know that your node might disappear on you

Bassette: I cant imagine having so many animations where react is unusable.

Duliba: B***ette: no. i do work in game development though. we use react for our editor tools, and it works nicely there, but i inherited a game using react recently that wasn’t even that heavily animated, and it’s been pretty annoying to deal with.