Zectbumo, have you solved.

Tilow: Jhine: use margin instead of padding

Vandegriff: Aha, makes sense. I wasn’t taking the padding into consideration, thank you.

Lodrigue: Loplin, http://codepen.io/anon/pen/ojjWeo

Lodrigue: Loplin, thats a big problem if your code worked in chrome, while the element’s visibility was hidden and that inherited to pseudos as well.

Lodrigue: Loplin, and what’s more a replaced leemnt doesn’t like the pseudos.

Monks: Lodrigue, Thanks. I’m not clear on why my code didn’t work in firefox yet though.

Hylan: I usually try to put labels inside of inputs in order to avoid the verbose for/id attributes

Yeaton: Is that sort of solution not possible with this goal?

Mayo: With the following example, could someone please tell me why the bottom of .photo has a higher padding please? http://jsfiddle.net/qf1ngn4j/2/

Eddins: Jhine: because img is an inline-level element, which will sit on the baseline by default. You can fix it by giving them ‘vertical-align: bottom’

Cuhel: Amazing. Thank you very much :

Eddins: Jhine: like this http://jsfiddle.net/qf1ngn4j/3/

Swearegene: Hello all, I have some lettering on a page that is rather big. I want to underline it with a thin underline. text-decoration: underline is too thick. I tried using bottom-border: 1px solid white; but it doesn’t appear. Thoughts?

Granfield: Swearegene, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Eddins: Don’t ask for “thoughts” without providing a link to the problem in question

Swearegene: Eddins, http://Swearegene.com:8880/brackets.html#target-1

Swearegene: Knockout tab has the underline that is too thick.

Swearegene: Group has a test with bottom-border

Eddins: Swearegene: you should only underline “links” — do do otherwise is a big usability fail

Eddins: If it’s underlined, I should be able to click it

Swearegene: Ok I understand that. You think I should leave the underline off. Anything else I can so to kind of emphesize?

Swearegene: Eddins, underlines gones lol

Cronenberg: Is the blink tag still around?

Eddins: Swearegene: a typical approach would be to use a different weight of type – and type looks like something you’ve yet to do

Rigby: Blink tag is probably all done in CSS animations now anyway

Wondra: Can anyone help me move the form up, to the right of the table but below the map?

Targett: Http://firegroup.staging.wpengine.com/idx/mls-20649469-100_sunny_st_newport_beach_ca_92707

Neill: Stays below the table still =/

Fennern: Just needed to change the width. -__ thank you Zectbumo!

Eddins: AGreatTaylor: I’d wrap your ‘left’ content in a left-floated container, and your ‘right’ content in a right-floated container

Lodrigue: Loplin, http://codepen.io/anon/pen/ojjWeo updated.

Borge: Eddins: It’s a prepopulaed page from an IDX plugin that I don’t have access to the structure

Swearegene: Eddins, How will this work for seperation. http://Swearegene.com:8880/brackets.html#target-1

Eddins: Swearegene: fine, but you don’t always need a line to separate things — space works wonders too

Swearegene: Eddins, Ill take them off. Let me know which looks better 😛

Swearegene: Sry Wierschen Hit tab when writing “done”

Milhous: Okay, so this is truly bizarre . I managed to fix the css, then messed around with the html . now the page looks like before I fixed the css!

Letellier: I’m talking about the angle at the bottom of the header: http://kristian.anapnea.net/quaterm***/

Lodrigue: Zectbumo, have you solved my webpage’s secret? : there is no secter, the flex doesn’t work on IE10 on my page, that you can see is the workaround code for old browsers :