Ive checked all sorts of.

Annese: The latter of which is going to **** for you without root btw

Lokan: Rm -rf /var/www/example.com/wp-content/plugins/w3tc && echo ‘problem solved’

Zaman: Nialcen: and out of curiosity, when NO other plugins are enabled and W3TC is enabled, that problem still persists?

Jeng: Opsec: deletiing W3TC without properly disabling it will totally hose a site

Kohnke: Nialcen: my original guess of the problem was another minification or caching plugin conflicting with their own output buffer on top of w3tc

Lokan: Jeng: doubt that very much.

Murcia: Lol opsec about cache plugins

Scarsdale: So it could be as simple as “disable this stupid minification plugin that w3tc makes useless”

Jeng: It puts a lot of stuff in .htaccess that needs to be removed.

Rosenzweig: Opsec: that is true. not HOSED but it will break it for anyone who has no clue whaat they’re doing to continue on

Nicol: Opsec: needs some calls to files that no longer exist removed from htaccess

Lokan: I don’t really say things i haven’t done myself ;

Jeng: Right, like someone who would follow advice to rm -fr

Newbold: Opsec: i only know from in here

Hallstead: Jphase : looks ok only with W3TC

Brust: So could be a problem whan both enabled

Hernande: Best command to ever run!

Lokan: That won’t do anything

Jeng: I got beat up here for suggesting that once. :-

Meley: Lol really? I never tried

Jeng: And have accidentally done that once, too.

Jeng: You cannot hit C fast enough to prevent major damage!

Kahre: Lol does linux protect user from stupid

Boiani: I want to place something in the end of a post

Boiani: I want to do it for every post

Jacot: Boiani: https://codex.----escape_autolink_uri:a03ded6cd97ffffa8f7b4e1454f3eecc----.org/Plugin_API/Filter_Reference/the_content

Caselton: Nialcen: yeah, so just enable one by one until it breaks

Rawley: Then delete the problematic plugin

Mcaffee: Such a strange problem !

Bastress: It came from NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

Moglia: Now develop a hatred for that plugin and/or find a better one

Elders: Can understand conflict between those 2, and only at a number of posts Oo

Arnot: Also, JetPack does that for you if you want to install that

Klipp: Yeah, doesn’t make sense to me when you describe it either, but neither does 90% of developer’s programming techniques so. c’est la vie

Birtcher: Well I’ll try to find a solution that does not bug my site

Clarenbach: Have you any good and light plugin that autopost to social network ?

Dorie: Nialcen: you want a post sent as soon as a post is published?

Jeng: I’ve use jetpack for that.

Reece: Nialcen: and what social networks?

Carbajal: Nialcen: def look at JetPack

Giannecchini: Do you Jeng or jphase have a good quickstep setting url for me to set up of jetpack ?

Lisman: Nialcen: Halcom needed, just install from plugins admin and connect it with wordpress.com through their little dialogs

Horgen: It’s pretty easy – then enable “socialize”

Jeng: After installing it, I disable all of its modules then turn only the ones I want.

Suleiman: Which will allow you to connect to different networks and then you autopost to those networks in socialize on publish

Jeng: Generally sharing, photon, carousel

Kruppenbacher: Roger that, I’ll try it now

Durward: And probably post an issue on both plugin pages

Peck: Ok, has anyone had problems with the woocommerce cart not working for guest users

Rippe: Ive checked all sorts of solutions ive dug up