Atralheaven_: JavaScript is.

Wernert: Frogdr: okay, that’s expected, because it’s innerHTML

Bisel: Atralheaven_: The only one I’ve really worked with is Node.js, but I’ve also dabbled a little with Django

Farlee: The value of ‘node’ is an object, containing. the node.

Mormile: Annoymouse: I think I should go for python and js

Swagger: Atralheaven_: In the end it doesn’t matter which language you choose. Once you know one of the above, you can learn the others within a few days or a week

Shapin: Atralheaven_: javascript would be the quickest to get started in

Pharr: The most important thing is to just get really good at one of them

Chouteau: Annoymouse: how hard is learning js? compared to python

Memory: Might interest you:

Bargstadt: Ah so a var declared as window.var_name is global and visible to all other functions in the pafe

Mosz: Atralheaven_: : I really love Python, but I would say they’re about the same

Ciersezwski: Its malware that doesnt get detected yet

Wernert: Imposter: why is it of interest? do you have a question about it?

Krolikowski: I wanted to ask you guys about it

Wernert: Also, why is it only of interest to guys?

Modert: Guys in the general sense

Martins: Like when I say ‘hey guys’ to my girlfriends

Mauter: Wernert: Don’t be *that* guy

Arns: The page where the javascript at is in the pastebin title

Fingerhut: I want to know whether i can be infected by just visiting that page

Pano: This is Kimpel, no ##feminism or some equally stupid channel

Dobey: Or only if i click the button

Maslin: This malware got someone infected last friday

Colomy: And its not detected by malwarebytes anti exploit

Ragar: Looking in console, the type is object, and the value for the thing I want to replace looks like a string

Sowinski: Annoymouse: js is used on web so much, and it can be used as a server side language too, and has very good libraries/frameworks. if learning it is as simple as python maybe as the simplest language?! I will go for it first, and today!

Wernert: Imposter: you have to click to install the exe it looks like, but there’s also this InstallTrigger thing to try to auto-install on firefox

Sundblad: But, guys, tell me some downside of js too.

Halliwell: Powis: I didn’t realize ##feminism was a thing

Faver: They’re all feminazi’s

Phair: Duckgoose: I’m very inclined to troll, but I know I’ll get banned in 2 minutes

Wernert: So, this is Kimpel, but apparently we’ll complain about “feminazis”

Bautista: We’ll complain about people not being on topic

Noriega: Because thats better somehow

Temblador: Meh, stop fighting dudes, you are funny

Shiigi: Atralheaven_: Well JS has plenty of gotchas. But so does every language

Dupee: Wernert how would that autoinstall work? and would it work on an updated version of firefox?

Wernert: Imposter: get a vm, try it and see

Wernert: Imposter: or look up the docs on InstallTrigger

Boin: Atralheaven_: One thing that is very useful but took me quite a while to understand with Node is the asynchronous aspect

Offutt: Wernert: you started it with your overly annoying ****ysis of “you guys”.

Wernert: Powis: cry some more, your tears are delicious

Grieshop: Funny, it’s you that got upset at someone making a generic message.

Skrabanek: Annoymouse: do they release new versions of js? fixing stuff?

Wernert: Yes. upset. that’s what i got. my hair’s all frazzled

Haymaker: Annoymouse: may you explain more?

Wernert: Atralheaven_: JavaScript is ECMAScript as implemented by Mozilla. new versions of the ECMAScript ES spec are released regularly