I can’t set a node’s.

Loeffler: Xnil: So where would I put the variables that are global to that namespace?

Masterman: Xnil: PHP is open source: http://lxr.php.net/xref/PHP_TRUNK/LICENSE

Gitt: Xnil: Could you just give me a super simple example?

Vandertuig: Low blood pressure right now, feel like i’m about to have a stroke

Zuehls: Sorry, will have to get back to you on that

Fee: I dont have any programming background, Im just going to start, and prefer not to spend my time learning and working with many languages to come to a conclusion that, for example, php would not be the language that I would use.

Desroches: I like to know people opinions, reading reviews, and getting that informations in these ways so it will save my time. I really love computers, world wide web, and im trying to learn to be able create things like web applications.

Geffert: What’s the distinction between json and object literal?

Feiertag: The problem is that I have limited time and focus, my main focus should be on psychology that im studying, and will be my job, but I really don’t want to give up learning for being a developer

Wernert: Geffert: json is a string

Bellah: I wonder how to define a global variab onclick event on a a that stores its href attribute’s value

Sweezy: So i use that id in another function triggered by an onclick on yet another button

Clint: Xnil: if I want to focus on one server side scripting language, what would you recommend? I thought php would be the answer, but it seems that is not

Geffert: Isn’t node.js a server side javascript thing?

Geffert: So perhaps you could look at that

Stukes: Atralheaven_, pretty much anything is fine

Trewhitt: Xnil: btw my previous pms was for you

Rhoads: Mostly personal preference as far as I see

Geffert: H***oon: how about a global onclick method that sets the a’s href attribute?

Geffert: Err, global onclick function that sets the a’s href attribute

Geffert: Forget the word ‘method’ i think method is just java talk.

Wernert: Method is a function that’s attached to an object

Geffert: Oh i didn’t realise it is in javascript too, ok

Yamaoka: Well, at least tell me some of main languages name so I can google and compare them

Larzazs: Atralheaven_: Server side you said?

Wernert: Atralheaven_: perl, python, ruby, javascript

Poremba: Geffert: what i want to do is once i click on a certain button-styled a, its href’s value becomes accessible to any other js function in the page that might be triggered by another element

Canelo: Yes, but if it would be something that I can use else where, that would be nice.

Wernert: Annoymouse: that’s your opinion, and you’re entitled to be wrong if you feel

Jimmison: How do I set node.nodeValue to HTML?

Wernert: Atralheaven_: elsewhere how? programming languages are used for programming

Wernert: Frogdr: node.nodeValue = “HTML”;

Volmer: When I p*** a string containing HTML, it sets the value literally as the HTML but as text

Kesek: Wernert, ha ha very funny

Geery: I mean, something I can use for more purposes

Storniolo: Wernert, DOM node, let me get a link

Wernert: Atralheaven_: you can use them for any programming purposes

Fundora: Https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Node

Wernert: Frogdr: perhaps you want innerHTML then?

Wernert: Frogdr: are you kidding?

Netkowicz: Atralheaven_: So the most common backend frameworks are Kozusko for Python, Node.js for JavaScript, Rails for Ruby, and of course PHP the cl***ic server side langauge

Wernert: Frogdr: by “what is node” i mean what is the value of node in your script?

Guercio: I can’t set a node’s innerHtml