Bolerjack, yeah. you’re.

Znidarsic: Yeah, but rather infrequently. The latest standard is ES6, but it will take a while for all the browsers, or at the very least all the major browsers other than IE, to become fully compliant

Mcdermitt: Powis: Looks like someone is butthurt lol

Wernert: Annoymouse: don’t be mean, it’s not Powis’s fault they feel persecuted by feminism

Vandon: Annoymouse: careful, he might get angry/enraged at “someone” too!

Burki: Wernert: please don’t refer to me as “they”, thanks.

Sario: Im reading some posts about js downsides. well, I should be careful about them!

Skillpa: Wernert:

Brenning: Installtrigger is to detect whether the user is running firefox

Wernert: Imposter: read the code. it’s actually _used_.

Shebchuk: Annoymouse: i don’t think scheme has many gotchas

Bluth: Atralheaven_: Could you send me the post? A lot of the time bloggers have no clue what they’re saying but still say it in the most authoritative manner

Fuest: Annoymouse: sure! I just googled and opened some of them. is it ok to send them to you directly? or should I put them here? I just dont want to fill here with links 😀

Mckinnon: Wernert isnt that part of the code to get the “this site would like to install blabla plugin”?

Gonales: Atralheaven_: Feel free to PM me or send them in the chan

Wernert: Imposter: since the site they are on purports to be trying to install Office, of course they’re going to click yes. also, _read_ the _docs_ on that function.

Wernert: Imposter: if you want to figure this out, you’re going to have to actually read the code

Prindiville: I cant javascript lol

Ganguli: Which is why i came here to ask

Wernert: Then what’s the point? you can’t tell if i’m telling the truth or not

Bozych: Wernert i trust strangers on the internet

Wernert: Well, i don’t know why you’re thanking the alot, but i’ll p*** it on

Agin: Alright thanks preaction

Wakley: Cubicl82: For help, ask your question. Be patient. Code samples should be pasted in a paste service see !paste. Tell us 1 what you want to happen, 2 what is actually happening, and 3 any error messages you find see !describe and !debug.

Geraghty: Hello all. i’m trying to modify an existing firefox add-on uses node.js – i have zero JS experiece, a little java/android experience. i want to add a toggle button to turn on/off the refresh of a page. the add-on manifest declares an entry point js file, which contains the button constructor

Wolfard: The entry point .js file references another js file with the actual refresh action that i want to control

Mcpharlane: So i set a global variable in the main.js file globstate and then try to reference that in the “refresh.js” file . however, printing to console from that file indicates that the variable is null

Gieseking: Main question is, how can i access a global variable from main.js from inside of refresh.js

Workinger: Do you find this readable? – freeTickets += { 5: 5, 10: 15, 15: 25 }referralsCount 0

Monholland: How do i install this on windows:****5

Hamada: How does overloading work in Javascript?

Bolerjack: Django_, npm install p****5

Bolerjack: Fprophet, there is no overloading in JS

Workinger: Is the term inviter clear for someone who invited another user?

Workinger: Or something like referredBy is clearer

Demeester: ECMA 6 makes mention of it

Bolerjack: Fprophet, in what context?

Yochem: Bolerjack a really weird one

Guillet: Https://

Bolerjack: Fprophet, that’s not overloading, not sure why they used that term

Thakur: Bolerjack, yeah. you’re right. but I was hoping it was a feature