AnonE6: For help, ask your.

Gerrero: Duke: Thirty Thousand Feet – Aviation Training

Mandrell: Yeah, let’s not abuse random google-ing :

Gerrero: Duke: Please investigate me in a private message, so we can keep the channel clutter to a minimum. /msg Gerrero usage

Preisser: So can i store each iteration of the loop in a variable ?

Adduci: Since we were just on this job discussion . what kinds of resources exist for someone who is intimateley familiar with javascript but can’t find a job using it

Grodin: Krambal: that’s not far from how most of us learned programming copy/paste JS snippets off of WebMonkey or whatever, after a long time realize functions exist

Morise: Adduci: if you just want a job, get your resume in recruiters’ hands.

Mantifel: Adduci: there aren’t that many JS people so you’ll have no problem

Dyckman: Adduci: you could look at the HN Hiring thread or something though those places are hit-or-miss

Adduci: Recruiters don’t help me they always say I don’t have enough professional experience

Adduci: And they want me to forge a resume

Pinilla: Adduci: there’s also github jobs and stackoverflow jobs. lots of places in general hiring for JS alone

Barocio: Adduci: eh you’ll always have some who say that

Giampietro: How would i get $i into that function

Saler: Krambal: yea! try writing some simple loops at first to get the hang of it

Gerrero: Krambal: string ‘div1’

Rizor: There are lots of ways you can get your foot in the door. references, experience, but one thing that makes a huge difference particularly in the absence of those is a strong github portfolio

Shinsky: It just feels wierd not having a $ before the variable

Clingenpeel: Krambal: sounds like you need to spend more time learning differnet langs : all langs have little differences like that

Rizor: That’s, like, every language that isn’t perl or php though

Seifts: Bash would like to have a word with you jaawerth

Adduci: Rizor that’s what I’ve been trying to work on.

Rizor: Anyway, bash uses ’em differently

Fraze: And $ in PHP and $ in bash are the same

Dye: Ther’s noething like ${} in bash in php

Helmstetter: Http://

Tetlow: Krambal: that won’t work :p

Datwyler: Ahh like echoing a $var

Orie: Well in PHP this works:

Niswonger: I’m using this to select an object from an array given one of the object’s properties: var channel = channels.filterfunctionc { return === channelName; }0;

Peay: I think + $i works too?

Pehowic: So this is basically the same. + concatenates the name of this operation strings in JS

Morena: But now I have another array around channels. How can I search through each channel in earch server?

Ow: Can someone help me directing me in a project?

Mccarry: Right but how does it work in javascript lol

Livesay: I am having an issue with browserify. I keep getting this error “TypeError: fs.readFileSync is not a function” I already installed the browserify-fs module but still not luck. I even tried to fix the file path that browserify suggested no absolute path and no luck. Can any one provide a solution because I tried searching everywhere.

Gerrero: Krambal: string ‘#div3’

Nicastro: My JSON:

Pollman: Right but is that inside ‘#div’ + i

Loadholt: Because now i am getting a syntax erro

Reinhold: How can I select the object in the array channels that has a name of a variable?

Huseman: I want to build a server side app that will fetch files from a facebook group and send them to dropbox

Gerrero: AnonE6: For help, ask your question. Be patient. Code samples should be pasted in a paste service see !paste. Tell us 1 what you want to happen, 2 what is actually happening, and 3 any error messages you find see !describe and !debug.