Google’s basically roulette.

Harnly: Duke, yeah, I get jobs offers from recruiters in PA often, DC as well

Harnly: East coast is full of jobs

Conti: Sf, ny, boston, seattle, dc, austin, raleigh, chicago probably in that order

Nacar: Throw LA somewhere near the end of those

Bessinger: Harnly: i figured it out. I needed to load my function via external js file rather than inline.

Gudat: Krambal: well the first step would be to write the functions, right?

Strutz: Ya thats what i am trying now

Shim: I didn’t want to repeat code. since Reactjs is using a distinct script block

Feerick: La is bigger for games since there are all the vfx programmers in that area

Denoon: Krambal: function fadeInAndOutnode . function fadeNodesarrayOfNodes .

Cantoran: Krambal: something like that

Eckford: Oh man way over my head

Penaloza: Krambal: clearly you wrote functions

Schiltz: But i dont know what node is

Mullinix: For your purposes, it’s $’#div1′

Grygiel: And i have never wored with array of nodes

Singer: So i guess $node if you do the jQuery naming convention

Sumruld: The helper function doesn’t even need to take an array of nodes, it could take an array of strings and look up the nodes itself

Mars: Ok so how do i get it to change the nodes id

Harnly: I’d rather make a function that takes one id

Gierke: I have never done that

Dunemn: This isn’t a mapping operation

Cort: I can make loops in php but never done it with javascript

Harnly: Whatever it’s appropiate

Zomberg: Krambal: look at how to write for loops

Gerrero: Krambal: for – JavaScript MDN

Vasiliou: Krambal: to keep things simple, you could even just make this a simnple for loop over an array of ID strings, and don’t worry about breaking this into functions yet

Gerrero: Krambal: Eloquent JavaScript is a comprehensive introductory Web-based book with examples and a built-in interpreter.

Cinkosky: Krambal: I’d recommend reading that when you have some time

Gerrero: Duke: Belligerent – Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

Speicher: Since it seems you’re still not familiar with basic concepts in the language, that book’s going to help you

Shalhoup: Oh i didn’t know you can use variable with javascript

Laughon: That’s not javascripty at all! just a definition

Gerrero: Duke: Missed it? No problem! SpeakeasyDC Unhinged on Youtube .

Flash: Gerrero is clearly drunk

Huertes: I have used javascript very little before

Morgas: Duke: Gerrero just gets the first result from Google

Marinella: Krambal: it’s a very simple language

Stofko: Krambal: a lot simpler than PHP :

Romanowski: And mostly its been jquery that has been copy and pasted then modified a little bit to fit what i need it to do

Cocroft: Krambal: that’s why I recommend reading that book :

Ianniello: Hameen: i thought Gerrero had its own web index ;

Siter: Duke: and Google ranks results differently for different people.

Frease: Hm Gerrero shouldn’t be using a cookie right?

Brill: So what you get as the first result isn’t necessarily what Gerrero gets

Mccown: I’m not testing these queries myself :p

Basso: I haven’t read the !g implementation

Dewoody: But I would ***ume it doesn’t

Kaupu: Google’s basically roulette when you give it uncommon phrases