Duke: Relavent part of the.

Huxhold: Keavon: var channel; servers.somefunctionserver { return servers.channels.somefunctionchan { if chan.name === channelName { channel = chan; return true; } }; };

Steinour: Keavon: that would search the servers array and stop when it found a channel w/ the name

Gerrero: AnonE6: Error: I want to create a web app that will be hosted on google app engine I want it to get files from a facebook group and send them dropbox is not a command.

Lesney: Tcsc: i gotta find that feedback loop myself or i’ll be forever unproductive

Wittkopp: Krambal: work w/ it a little and look at stuff about for loops again. you have a very small piece of code, i’m sure you can fix this last little bit.

Severi: Rizor: Purr has $variables :’

Rizor: Haha I should never have said it

Rizor: Nobody lets you get away with handwaving around here

Rizor: Hameen: someday I’ll use Purr, I promise!

Hartory: TCL uses $ quite a bit too jaawerth

Dethlefs: Div cl***=”krambal off”/div

Ruggerio: Rizor: I blame pattern matching binding, because you need to differentiate a the constructor a from a the variable a. Prefixing all variables with $ made it consistent, and solved that problem without having weird rules like “uppercased first letter is a constructor, lowercased first letter is a variable” that Haskell has

Degiorgio: Ap.php:99 Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined

Rizor: Duke: anyway, a lot of what you’re listing use $ differently. in ruby, $ is a global variable. in bash, you don’t use it for ***ignment, just deref

Husseini: Ceptre uses $variable for logic variables you want to keep after an linear implication, but variables themselves don’t have $ in their names.

Haraguchi: Krambal: i believe in you!

Borrego: I dont even know what that error means lol

Plikerd: Krambal: say “HALP” three times if your job depends on this being solved very quickly, in which case we’ll just give you the answer ;

Cass: Duke: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘some’ of undefined

Hurtis: Krambal: otherwise maybe search for what a ReferenceError in JS means

Makarewicz: You get a lot of do/compliment: $at C L * $at C’ L * $likes C C’ -o likes C’ C, though.

Forinash: Keavon: probably need to check if servers.channels first. or do servers .some.

Mclauchlin: Keavon: i’m ***uming this is what you want btw

Getty: Keavon: and not to, say, grab every channel that matches

Atzinger: Duke: There should only be one one channel that matches

Mccurtain: I just need that whole object

Freudiger: So yea it sounds like some of your servers have no channels?

Ursino: Oh this isn’t a job this is for my daughter

Rizor: Personally, I’m a fan of how $ works in perl. it’s nice and consistent

Rizor: Er, other than the other special chars that incorporate it

Feerick: Kamuela_iOS: well, you could always try game dev :

Ridall: Duke: I only have one server in my servers array. Is that a problem?

Specter: Keavon: nope, i don’t see why anyway

Sohl: Oh well that doesn’t make sense

Hsueh: Keavon: make a jsfiddle if it is

Rizor: Hameen: that makes sense. So does Purr only use it to designate variables, or is it a dereferencing operator?

Pledger: This article is saying i am calling the jquery before its loaded on the page . but i am not

Stirna: Krambal: you are : dig deeper

Yeaton: Duke: Here’s the full JS object http://hastebin.com/unifoziqeg.js

Gochett: Krambal: sounds like you’re on the right track

Racanelli: Seems fine to me Keavon

Amaro: Double check your code

Schuchman: My jquary library is called in the head of my page

Crosno: Duke: Relavent part of the function: http://hastebin.com/tideqogezo.js