You want an absolutely.

Medling: Yeah, i thought about the cl*** idea, but then i had to change the HTML generator :-/ not that could not code, but.

Sheedy: Also true. in the body text everything is enclosed in p /p

Norsen: Okay, sorry for bothering you, getting that far down with such a simple thing. :-/

Newcome: Heh. when i set border: to the same color as the background-color: of the same element, border-radius: shows no effect in FF30. is that normal?

Barris: I expected that for my “border: 0px .” experiment, but not depending on the colors.

Ace: Sheesh. optical illusion.

Jepson: Is there a way to transition a text align?

Zane: DeweyD, did you try transition-duration: 1s; and it didn’t work?

Bonsell: Yeah, didn’t seem to do anything

Conatser: In a media query, I am changing from text-align left to text-align center, and would like some sort of a transition, but can’t seem to find out a good way to do it

Creese: Padding or margin I suppose. If it’s just one line rather than indentation of the first, you might be able to get away with doing some sort of margin-left: 50%; transform: translateX-50%; and transition it from 50% to zero in both cases.

Harten: This seems to be a good list of what can be animated and when:

Kruppa: I was thinking the same thing, but was hoping I could keep it a little simpler

Weeler: When the spec says something isn’t animatable, not much you can do about it.

Sokolowich: Yeah, it’s just one line. It’s for a bootstrap navbar brand

Obhof: Well, I guess I’ll try that out then. thanks for the suggestion

Chavez: I’m fairly new to more in-depth CSS work, so thanks for the link

Drolet: DeweyD, I should point out that the list is fairly representative of most browsers. It’s possible it has a Firefox slant and background-image says no, but I know for a fact IE will animate linear-gradients and Chrome will do so but only the major stop points it won’t tween.

Hayakawa: Is it possible to hide the scroll bar of a select when this one is disabled ?

Garling: I made it work for chrome but it does not do the trick in firefox. here is my css :

Benston: Check this out:

Barillas: Can you make the floating monkey in “Example 2” of with css?

Vanderhyde: Any good book for good proper html semantics?

Calnen: Fgrsgsdfg, CSS cannot do anything based on the scroll position.

Zegarelli: You would need ***istance from JavaScript for that bit.

Sudak: I don’t need it based on scroll position

Stary: Transitions and animations are available in CSS.

Pander: How is it called so I can search for a tutorial?

Lohmann: Flyout footer isn’t giving me good results

Gramberg: Transition and animation. That’s what the properties are called.

Kuti: They are the shorthand. Each has sub-properties that can be given values directly such as animation-duration.

Monce: Once you figure out how they work you can apply them to making your footer slide out.

Annas: I didn’t ask for the name of the properties but the name of the concept

Course: Well those properties are what you would use to implement that you can use their names or them to look up articles to do what you want.

Crebs: I don’t need either the transition or animation, just the footer, but thanks

Sherburne: Then why show an example that does that and say “What is this concept called?”

Callery: Go to the link I pasted before and check Example 2. You will see a monkey popping up on scroll, I want a div like that but with no scroll listener, no animation and no transition

Flachs: You want an absolutely positioned footer. but that was my point, if you remove the scroll trigger and the transition you’re left with a footer. Look up how to do footers.