Hello! I use firefox and I.

Guglielmina: Any suggestions on cleaning this up? https://github.com/MaxLeiter/jsonTree/blob/gh-pages/dist/js/jsonTree.js

Shollenberger: Whats the 2 most commonly used es6 transpilers ?

Vicoy: I feel like its almost ‘done’ meaning i cant really improve it more

Leyvas: Faville: Like what does this mean

Imburgia: Anyone know where the key for this http://pastebin.com/WGvF3Dvh

Saadat: So, I’m trying to wrap my head around Promises, but I’m unsure of how to link promises together. http://pastebin.com/y4D1GvgK

Turbacuski: In my example, how would generateTracks get access to the response from getAllTrackIDs? Can it even?

Naji: Wait, would I just do generateTracksresponse, resolve, reject?

Garelik: Faville: I can’t figure out how you did that.

Giacchino: Surely there must be a tool to deobfuscate it

Wollmer: You can try to find one

Antill: Otherwise expect to spend a few hours on it

Raab: Write some unit tests, and start reducing the code

Lecompte: Protomega not really sure what’s going on there – none of that looks async

Janney: What do you mean Lecompte?

Lecompte: Typically promises are for async things, like making http requests

Parm: Well the goal is to not prevent other events from happening while tracks are loading.

Macrowski: Protomega, events like what?

Lecompte: It looks like you’re just fetching a bunch of elements out of the dom

Macrowski: And what is “loading”?

Bielawski: Playing tracks already in the system and navigating through them while other tracks are still being added

Macrowski: But where is the async part of what you are doing?

Macrowski: Querying the DOM is sync

Macrowski: Adding to arrays is sync

Macrowski: Not sure I understand what the end goal is.

Macrowski: You wouldn’t be blocking events by synchronously adding or querying elements

Helf: There’s an entire section of code where I am doing an HTTP request on each trackID to grab the track’s information. So I guess up until that point, I don’t need to use promises because it’s a waste?

Macrowski: Perhaps, dunno, there aren’t many details in that fiddle to be able to tell

Siverd: I’m trying out to figure out youtube-mp3.org ‘s API and I’ve managed to get everything but figuring out how the secret token is generated

Mooser: To the end of the url a ‘r’ and ‘s’ value are generated r to my knowledge is just Date#getTime

Crocetti: I attempted using the methods straight from the website to generate the ‘r’ and ‘s’ values but they don’t seem to work

Chun: Can someone perhaps tak ea look at it and help me figure out what I’m missing. Been tryin gto figure this out for days now

Lecompte: Http://jsfiddle.net/0jqtw9ya/ – promises

Foutz: Hi. I’m trying to make all elements on a page non selectable temporarily. I have a canvas as the background that i want to user to be able to drag stuff around on, but doing that will select text in the foreground. anyway around this? searchsidekick.net thats what i have so far

Tabor: Anyone know how to go about it?

Woodand: Logan0405: user-select – CSS MDN – Mozilla Developer Network https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/user-select

Macrowski: Add a cl*** to the body, and style user-select

Marc: True i did i got it mostly working, problem is text in the google custom search box still gets selected.

Kolacki: That part isnt in the demo

Kindberg: I guess it’s a problem with the cse box, i think i’m going to make my own anyway. autocomplete is glitchy af

Taton: Ok I found a compromise way to do it with onmousedown & onselectstart returning false. good enough

Buenger: Please help : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32421391/figuring-out-youtube-mp3-org-api

Withem: Hello! I use firefox and I try to make a script that run on the facebook activity log page. But since the page is loaded with AJAX, I have to refresh the page to make my script check the URL again. I tried to use $window.bind’hashchange’, function { but it doesn’t seem to work, how could I do?