Can you make the floating.

Neehouse: Loll

Emerson: Rcyr, yeah, removing it didn’t change anything though, Im using static test-data right now

Kupfer: You need to provide one.

Dirienzo: Rcyr, doesn’t var form = e.this ; do that?

Kupfer: It doesn’t even make sense.

Rossean: Rcry, well its actually posting to the right place

Nosworthy: Var form = “/index.php?p=login”; doesn’t seem to change anything though

Herrig: It works ok when I copy the curl from the debugger

Baher: But I can’t figure out where the 302 is coming from

Neehouse: Laranjo: are oyu one-handed

Hsiang: Which is preferred: $.p****XMLxml or simply using $xml

Steenburgh: Recursion quesiton:,console,output

Weisenberg: How do you open an URL in a new window? Not a new tab. Is that completely up to the browser?

Weisenberg: is what I thought I should try, but it’s opening in a new tab in FF and IE. But, I don’t know if that is because my browser settings or if I’m just not using the right thing.

Bongartz: Can multiple actions be called on a derred promise resolve or reject? like can I say loadPromise.thenloadSuccess, loadFailure in two or three places to have two or three actions happen?

Guedea: This is the quietest I have ever seen this channel.

Nishitani: Whirledpress, its a 8 hour silence to pay homage to the latest deluge of videos on adult entertainment sites; it does not matter what you do, but you must be silent ;

Schuber: Hi, is there a way to synchronize two ore more AJAX-es such that one executes after the completion of the other?

Hambric: I am not sure what that means.

Zajdel: The output from one ajax maybe needed for the 2nd ajax but not necessarily.

Teman: I haven’t done Ajax in jquery for a while, but I figured you could wrap the ajax call in a function that you called when a deferred promise is resolved.

Zuchowski: I think AJax has deferreds built in, but I would need to look it up.

Laven: I am reading

Mrotek: Http://

Dolman: They give ajax examples.

Vorhees: Is there a best practices for scanning all the images in a folder, getting their paths, and returning those paths into an array for access to each url to the image?

Quilimaco: You may want to use php for part of that.

Olivio: Even if it’s a meteor app?

Fenty: Don’t know if js/jquery has the ability to scan a directory. Have no idea what a meteor app is.

Vas: Thanks whirledpress, was hoping someone may know, but you’re right, it’ll be a js question specifically. Off to that channel!

Toulmin: To do what you are asking, in the past I have written a short script in php that runs scandir and filters results for images and echoes the urls to the images in json format. Then I used ajax to get the urls

Bojorquez: Okay thanks, I’ll look into that if I can’t find a solution within meteor or js.

Endorf: Can a variable be defined for an ajax response?

Vere: I stepped in it, sorry. Thought I wiped my shoes off before coming to this channel.

Launius: Can a GLOBAL variable be defined for an ajax response?

Hesselbein: You can ***ign a global variable in your ajax success handler.

Brentlinger: Checkout this link, pyC***o, it has some good info about ajax

Methe: Http://

Antista: Http://,js,output

Spinner: Why the first and second will return do***ent?

Kreiser: Can you make the floating monkey in “Example 2” of with jquery?