You likely have some sort.

Nicholas: Well it infact works properly in chrome

Shevitz: The the child os a element that has relative positioning

Milkent: But in ie and ios safari it seems algined to the right for some reason

Blazejewski: And the element is an inline-block

Giehl: Well, then explicitly use a text-align to make it work on all browsers?

Escobeo: Relative positioning you say, aha

Volo: Well, that is different then

Vancuren: Text-align will work on the parent btw

Mardini: Not on the element affected by it – except its content text, but this shouldn’t probably matter as you are using an inline-block element

Ruminski: Why is the the element getting left aligned though. makes no snese

Alamillo: Hi. Does one need to have a ‘px’ when the margin is 0?

Schrecengost: Example: margin: 0 auto;

Blihovde: Hey guys, I’m having problems with canvas. Why can’t one do 1:1 ratio?

Dimmick: Lemondom still there ?

Blihovde: I’m trying to make a canvas 200×200, however the drawing is being squished.

Spero: This is what i mean

Kochan: The lin betwen them work properly except for in safar and ie

Strite: Tayse: objectFit which isn’t supported that well for now – and/or padding ratio – which is a nice thing.

Whisner: Dragonpiper: pardon my ignorance on your example, but what exactly should be center/right and is aligned left? I check with chrome

Tarangelo: The small line under each circle that connects them should be centered

Randhawa: The left is ie the right is chrome

Piwetz: The same thing happens on mobile safari

Betzig: Can I attach a img as a border?

Conradt: Like border-left: 10px url—

Kayser: MikeJoel: border-image exists

Tangeman: Oksushi_ do you see what i mean ?

Buczek: I don’t see border-image. must be css3+

Grieco: Not sure how to fix this x.x

Baublitz: MikeJoel, CSS ‘border-image’ property:

Moras: Fenton, do you mind helping me out ?

Fenton: Dragonpiper: I’m looking – the line looks centred to me in safari

Cristal: I am trying to stick more with css2

Cudd: Hm its not ceneted on mobile safari ios 8. x.x

Melter: Not sure if its an ios 8 bug or not because it also happens in ie

Crowston: Once i remove the abo****e position from line it is ceneted accross all :/

Keliihoomalu: Http:// why does my blue box dissapear when I set .min { flex: 0 1 auto;} ?

Bendana: It should not dissapear, just get smaler.

Chance: But then there are margins i don’t want

Fenton: Dragonpiper: I’d recommend looking for ways to simplify both your HTML and CSS

Fenton: They both look very…convoluted right now

Bigos: Is it because of all the ul ?s

Gholson: Dragonpiper: would a reset.css or normalize.css hep?

Ingwell: And set up remote debug with your mobile safari, connect with desktop safari to it and inspect the offending element

Damiani: O i don’t have a mac to conect to moble safari

Stinger: I what to use some processor though afterwards so properties have an order ot them though

Lemmons: And then tab child css blocks

Gallien: Hi, my fonts are not loading correctly. I use fonts from google. I see that is down. Could that be the reason?

Rozek: Krambiorix, 404 down.

Hartley: You likely have some sort of fault in your usage or inclusion of the links they gave you to use their service.