Dragonpiper: absolutely.

Bachmeier: Ya i tried that it was just kinda hacky and the button jutted around the page

Weissler: One hack I tried was to position it at the top-right of the footer and then do a negative margin-top

Siciliano: Achuinard the button should stay where you tell it to. Unless you were changing it’s bottom on scroll or something like that. Your footer isn’t dynamic is it?

Bassiti: Siciliano: Yes, the footer height can change while the user users the app

Siciliano: Then be nice about it and trigger an .animate on the bottom when the footer content changes

Siciliano: Z-index should help you hide it under the footer, so then it just slides back above the footer

Bong: I’m not familiar with triggering .animate – what doe sthat do

Siciliano: Achuinard that’s jquery stuff

Siciliano: Achuinard you can do it in vanilla js as well

Mila: Right now this is an angular app without jquery

Siciliano: Achuinard angular has its own animations you can definitely use that

Breitweiser: How do i change the z level of a absolute element ?

Bernes: Anyone to create this exact shape using 1 html element and css ? http://jsfiddle.net/dragonpiper/4sLqcvaj/

Hotze: I wasn’t able to with just border radius

Buller: Hello. I have my searchbar which is a bootstrap input-group with an addon, https://dpaste.de/Bxsw/raw -with an autocomplete – as deployed in healthxplore.com. The input-group-addon on the left expands when the autocomplete list is shown, which seems awkward

Stearne: Can someone take a look at the code/website search bar, and point out what I am doing wrong, and if it is fixable

Casey: Https://jsfiddle.net/Wc4xt/1052/ ok so I’m trying to get the – in the collapsed expandable widgets to be + initially, but the only way I can get them to be + is to click on them twice and then suddenly my +s and -s are in line

Braulio: The jsfiddle won’t expand or collapse though because I couldn’t get the most recent version of bootstrap on it

Mazzaferro: For some reason doing accordion-group:after and accordion-group.collapsed:after doesn’t work

Verderosa: So this seems dirty im using :not to well not stack when an empty cl*** called .stackless is applied

Verderosa: Is there a better way to do this?

Joesph: Hi, how can i set css background image so that it scales according to its container size, but only until its resolution? no overstretching, but can scale down

Matthews: Gkwhc, background-size: cover;

Speach: There also is background-size: contain;

Ominelli: Calinou: cover over streches it

Rynerson: Is there a way to avoid your input-group-addon too to get expanded height when your input height increazes like having autocomplete suggestions ?

Roker: And I thought a browser native autocompletion will not overflow?

Vanderheiden: Oh it is a non-browser autocompletion then I guess

Schowalter: Well, it is a DIV or something like that I guess ,right?

Irineo: You can use overflow: visible on the input-group-addon parent

Quitero: This would let the content just overflow, without scrolling or clipping

Culbreth: Lemondom: oh. let me try that one out

Connarton: Lemondom: I tried applying that in http://www.healthxplore.com/, but same effect

Waitz: Whenever a suggestion gets showed up, the addon too expands, making things look ugly

Killmer: Tonythomas: inspect the elements bottom-top in hierarchy, starting with the suggestion div that expands

Hsu: Add overflow: visible to each ad-hoc in styles pane until you have it overflowing correctly

Krokos: That particular element would be the right one, add the overflow: visible; permanently to your styles

Biddle: Can safari and ie not text align absolute elements ?

Griggers: Dragonpiper: absolutely positioned elements and anything non-inline or non-inline-block shouldn’t be aligneable by text-align at all :O