R13ose, by using :hover on.

Legner: AMcBain, it always worked up till now

Conklin: I would expect setting .min {flex-grow: 0}, to make the left div shrink to fit the svg: http://codepen.io/knobo/pen/WQPwMX

Hamel: Krambiorix, this is a link from one of my own sites: view-source:https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat:700Montserrat+Alternates:700Open+Sans It works just fine.

Smith: Do you know anything for that lemondom?

Guizar: Yeah and if you visit it you get results back, don’t you?

Gravenstein: AMcBain, yes but i think some of the links in that file won’t work

Venturella: Hmm AMcBain all my text is bold

Lente: This sounds like a problem on your end, not theirs.

Cantone: Svg and flex is not very compatible.

Stolarski: Hmmm. this is not easy. trying to convert my layout from table based to css. so far it is working, but I have this fade border around the body coded as div’s inside the ‘body’ i.e. content block. Because of 45px of padding to make the content space away from a menu my top fade-in-border div is padded over 45px. setting it’s div to -45px does fix it

Laningham: MikeJoel: reason for getting rid of the table layout?

Wauer: Mbm: everone here had a fit. figured I would go ahead and try

Contorno: I think I got it. moved the padding to the content block for the actualy ‘text’ area of the body block

Segers: Lol, figured it was a “tables are bad” but it doesn’t sound like removing the table layout is actually cleaing up the code

Sugai: Though I still am a proponent of that method

Auslam: I’d like some help with why application data isn’t showing up centered on the page? http://jsfiddle.net/skinux/bpfjsu2w/

Hiner: I can say, that if I test this in browsers and get a bunch of junk – well. if I say it I will be kicked :/

Westergard: MikeJoel: there’s always the display:table-cell and ***ociated css ;

Tungate: Skinux: I don’t see anything on that page labeled “application data”; which part is supposed to be centered?

Pinkowski: AMcBain, i didn’t change anything

Schumpert: Don’t know what to tell you then.

Centanni: MikeJoel, what, “****”? :

Aquino: AMcBain, ow forget it, it was a coding bug

Chronister: Fenton what do you think about using instead of creating extra cl***es ?

Wussow: 11/15/15 Sample WASOB IS the data, section id=”entries” I want centered in the page

Wigren: Skinux: i’m taking a look, but sections aren’t generally supposed to be nested like that. that’s what div is for

Stenman: Oh.well I can change that.

Vinci: Skinux: centered how? horizontally? vertically? white space distributed?

Wigren: And there’s a ****ton of css in here.

Gewinner: Vertically I want it maybe 10-20px below the controls.

Mishar: Oh, yeah, sorry.a lot of it is template CSS which makes the design.

Andalora: Go to the bottom of all the CSS and scroll up to find it.

Wigren: A minimal test case is the minimum amount to fix the problem

Wigren: And the .entry is the full width of its container, #spreadsheet, which is position: absolute for some reason

Farland: Skinux: simple centering trick is .entries { margin: auto; width: . }

Hearston: Skinux, CSS horizontal centering: http://dorward.me.uk/www/centre/

Bouillon: Here is the Fiddle with minimal CSS http://jsfiddle.net/skinux/bpfjsu2w/1/

Lebert: Set a fixed width on entries and it’ll be centered

Tarascio: I want text to only appear when I hover over an image, how do I do that?

Widera: R13ose: img src=. title=”hover text”

Wigren: R13ose: img + caption { display: none } img:hover + caption { display: block }

Treutel: R13ose, by using :hover on a parent that contains just the image and the text or on the image itself and selecting some text just down in the DOM from it.