Xreal_alt: nope, sorta.

Reighard: So devs who don’t use shorthand got an _advantage_ over those who learned and take efforts to use shorthand

Coxon: Miesco: it is good to combine them all when you release the website for shorter loading times

Coxon: Reighard: you’re getting incredibly worked up over a css property

Coxon: Took efforts to use a shorthand? what, you wasted a few seconds looking the syntax up online?

Coxon: I didn’t realize people still used shorthands

Donadio: Lol i gotta stay logged in

Niemeyer: Shortcut commands are diff on here meh.

Antoniou: How do yo style a datepicker . setting the table size does nothing

Samowitz: Shall I better do these with CSS instead of images? http://www.alde-sign.de/img/kalender.jpg

Pizzolato: I’ve changed too much

Too: How can you change/effect when the user resizes the window

Saporito: Stuff overlaps only at a certain resize spot and it sbuggin the **** out o fme

Coxon: Https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/Media_Queries/Using_media_queries

Nagelschmidt: Is it bad to use a fixed width page?

Foxx: It’s ok, we all secretly love the nineties

Berberich: It’s bad only if you don’t add some marquee to go with it

Wooddell: Stackoverflow.com is fixed width

Coxon: It serves different pages based on user agent

Ostrosky: Please, is possible to overlay main page even main page scrollbar?

Coxon: You can remove the scrollbars when you show the overlay

Persch: Coxon: it is done now, but when i remove scrollbar, then body’s background image expand to scrollbar’s place

Marashi: Coxon: and i am trying to avoid this behavior

Coxon: So you want the body’s background to not cover the area where the scrollbar was?

Rheingold: Because then background jerking

Merseal: When overlay is activated and deactivated

Coxon: Ah, yea, i’m not sure how you would do that

Lavant: Coxon: me neither, i trying everything i can think of, i am starting to be desperate

Gouin: Hi on this site http://bit.ly/1MePqKb when using Firefox, on full screen, if you click on the hamburger menu link, and the side bar opens when you click on a submenu triangle it selects that menuhighlights how can i prevent this ?

Westrick: I want to arrange images with links in order 3 x 3 3 in a row, 3 columns. Shall I put each in a DIV with floats or what’s a good solution ?

Allgier: You dont have to put each one in a container if you dont want to

Friedland: Plus if its a list of images, id suggest using a UL or something to that effect

Kuca: Xreal_alt: depends on many things, if it’s just the picture itself, all you need is the element only, now, if you’re going to put, captions or buttons on it like favorite or “add to cart” and so on, then you’d need to use a div or figure for it

Michelet: Bprompt: is this acceptable? Don’t blame me for the bad HTML ; http://www.alde-sign.de/produkte

Lista: Xreal_alt: well, got pic?

Lanclos: Bprompt: actually, I really would like to try out figure :

Kupiec: Bprompt: you mean a screenshot of the page?

Birthwright: Xreal_alt: I only see the image by itself there, no extra buttons or captions, you can do all that with the img alolne

Valido: Xreal_alt: yes, a picture of what you’re after

Yap: Bprompt: Actually that’s exactly what I’m after. Okay, let me try the same with img only. Brb

Lagassie: Bprompt: looks good! http://www.alde-sign.de/test2

Thibeaux: Bprompt: would padding be better than margin?

Getson: Xreal_alt: to space them out? I’d say margins

Schramm: Bprompt: let me also try figure – or is it too modern? ;

Ragar: Xreal_alt: nope, sorta old by now