Miesco: its pretty much.

Bottorff: You could of course ***ume the resolution px measurements depend on and convert that way

Coriz: What would be the best way to do this ? Even if i use triangle div trick how would i get crate the other triangles and have them be the same size ? http://i.imgur.com/TGcoh0M.png

Latortue: I’d do divs for the separators

Yantzi: So you’d have box, separator, box, separator, box

Paschall: Yea but even if i do a grey triangle for the first seperator that would work for the second ones because they would be white triangles with borders which i don’t think is possible

Fickbohm: You could alternatively forego all that and embed some svg

Unrau: I know, this isn’t #html, but right now, discussion is pretty quiet. Could anyone please help me to fix the pupil’s website? austincheney: I didn’t write this HTML & CSS, so it’s hard to figure out, why there’s a small hole on the corner on the right bottom. I don’t want to write 100% compliant code, but a newspaper wants to write about the pupils in the next days and I want to update the website.

Arnhart: Http://www.alde-sign.de/test/index.html

Gutherie: I have the following fiddle and I cannot understand why the ul isn’t exactly 250px, with the images inside it being automatically scaled to fit. what am I doing wrong? http://jsfiddle.net/ko8ec12z/

Murrillo: Anyone in here, who wants to help me? I think of paying $25 via paypal for help.

Rosa: Simple, the body has a width of 100%, the site div a width of 1150px

Wrape: If you look at the divs in the inspector, you’ll see that the boundaries don’t match up, thereby creating the hole

Repke: As for how to fix that properly, uh

Verona: I’ll leave that for someone else needing the 25$ 😀

Behringer: Wasamasa: Sorry, I felt asleep. Too much fair yesterday.

Burchess: Wasamasa: I could also go up to $50 for this. But I can’t afford too much money, since I’m a student and this is a friend’s pupil corporation website only.

Fail: Wasamasa: I’m just adding some new jQuery magic content ;

Cheslak: Sounds like that might break even more stuff 😀

Basket: Wasamasa: oh come on, this one looks nice, doesn’t it? http://www.alde-sign.de/schuelerfirma

Antman: Schülerfirma means “pupil’s corporation”.

Parsh: Xreal_alt: my designs are, let’s say, minimal

Celaya: Wasamasa: I’m also into minimal designs. That’s the first time, I’m using jQuery at all.

Centner: Wasamasa: but jQuery saves time and the problem of big coding bugs :

Khalsa: Wasamasa: a funny thing: on the page, I’ve just posted, there is NO whole :

Woltman: But there’s LOT of whitespace.

Berth: Shall I better do these with CSS instead of images? http://www.alde-sign.de/img/kalender.jpg

Rathbum: Why doesn’t max-height: 100% work on a flexbox child?

Motonaga: How can I set a max height for a flexbox that has flex-grow: 1

Tabb: Hi on this site http://bit.ly/1MePqKb , on full screen, if you click on the hamburger menu link, and the side bar opens when you click on a submenu triangle it selects that menuhighlights how can i prevent this ?

Vaughner: How to make an overlay with hole like this? http://i.imgur.com/po3eRq9.png

Cacciatori: I tried to use 3 divs with position: absolute and 2 of them with transformation: skew.. It works but not perfect. For example in IE there is some space between top and bottom divs and I cannot put one on top of another because the color will become darker

Castilo: Http://jsfiddle.net/sw4tr5bc/1/

Hayden: Is it better to make one master.css or a seperate css for each file?

Reighard: Http://caniuse.com/#feat=rem

Reighard: So shorthand can cause issues, it is not always the best practice.

Reighard: I mean, it is the best practice, but it is not honored by the web physics

Reighard: IE9, IE10 won’t support REM in shorthand!

Coxon: Miesco: its pretty much personal preference for developing