Vertiz: I have this now..

Maggiore: Xreal_alt: btw, you don’t have to make all borders and such in the picture itself, css can do the shadowing as well as border and gradient on the background, all you need to do is, provide the picture, and text

Holl: Bprompt: I know, I tried it, but I wasn’t able to put an image over the gradient using backgrounds.

Hedges: Xreal_alt: I think, I need to overlay the image, don’t I ?

Vertiz: This:

Vertiz: Or This:

Teece: Xreal_alt: hold the mayo for a sec, lemme see if I can find some image. but hmmm the image itself has to have transparency, so the gradient behind it can be seen

Jaarda: Bprompt: yeah, I know. That’s no problem. I’ve them in Photoshop.

Trench: Xreal_alt: if the image is fully opaque, then, no matter what background you put on it, won’t show

Aranda: Xreal_alt: I had problems to overlay the gradient with a transparent image.

Milcher: Xreal_alt: it wasn’t correctly centered etc. much easier in Photoshop :

Lanius: Anyone want to help me try to fix a problem I’m having with my header after trying to upgrade to another theme and then downgrading back to old. My Navigation bar got pushed down and no idea how to fix it

Mager: Hold the mayo.lemme see if I can find a pic

Vertiz: Xreal_alt: what are you trying to achieve? place a transparent image on top of a gradient background?

Vertiz: MattCannon: sure fire

Vertiz: Link to your problem?

Cappleman: Thanks Chingy! See

Strahin: MattCannon: better to link to the problem in action

Passero: I will find archived shot

Alma: Vertiz: yes, but I didn’t try deeper. Photoshop is faster than making it fit in CSS

Streitenberge: I thought that .cb-banner468 was causing issues

Vertiz: Xreal_alt: but it’s very easy to achieve that, put gradient on the body

Shemanski: Adding to my custom css now will let you know! thanks brb

Vertiz: And set an image for that second div and make it transparent?

Strahin: No reason to make a new div

Illingworth: Vertiz: I want it inside a box ; the images don’t have the same size. it will always make trouble.

Smetana: Vertiz: I’m also. Sorry, too long awake today. It’s 00:28 am

Thibedeau: Thank you so much chingy that fixed it! 😀

Strahin: MattCannon: your site has at least a dozen errors in the console.

Santino: Oh my, it’s totally messed up now:

Vertiz: I’m misunderstanding the problem, i’m more of a visual problem solver

Keeny: Vertiz: I want to order the images in a 3×3 grid ;

Everleth: Vertiz: bprompt then had the idea to construct them totally in CSS.

Horsely: My issue is that my site has ‘one’ little sweet spot while resizing

Ringold: Xreal_alt: the 3×3 is quite simple, if that’s all you need

Flynn: Bprompt: have a look, it’s messed up now. don’t know why ;

Mashak: Xreal_alt: just don’t float them, and instead set them with – display: inline-block;

Bartman: Http://

Scarr: Looks good in most spots but if you manually adjust the scroll control + mousewheel/+/-

Haberle: Bprompt: you made it.

Bilbao: Theres a spot where the footer jumps and stacks

Saraniti: Bprompt: I didn’t create this website, I’m just updating it. This whole in the right buttom corner still drives me crazy.

Vertiz: Xreal_alt: you need css cl***es :

Corradini: Vertiz: that’s no problem, I will add them.

Vertiz: Is this what you wanted?

Rae: Vertiz: I have this now. bprompt told me to remove floats.