Workistoofun I understand.

Maisto: It’s selecting the modal div

Sercovich: However, the modal has a display of “none”

Basley: I’m specifically trying to select the last *visible* child

Papen: But it still selects the hidden modal

Soltau: I’ve got a div with a width of 100%, inside that div I put 6 buttons, each with a width of 16.6666666 because 100/6 = 16.6666667. Why does the last button not fit on the bar?

Catacun: I used a reset.css on my nav aswell

Goe: Glowdemon1: do the buttons have any margin?

Haller: Does the div have any padding?

Rybarczyk: Either of those could mess it up

Wraight: Https:// none

Flechas: Scroll to the very bottom for the styling btw

Scribner: Is there any way except float to ‘float’ elements around eachother?

Planck: Whenever I set the right-value on a relative element, it doesn’t change when I increase/decrease browser size, whats the problem with this?

Stanclift: Is there some trick I should know?

Scrabeck: Any tips on rounding table corners?

Melcer: I’ve followed some tutorials, but I keep getting an edge outside the rounded corner

Gurganus: Hey i am having an issue with overflow-x: hidden in safari, despite the hidden attribute i am still able to move outside the body. would someone mind helping me?

Armes: How do i center a div margin: auto auto; – doesn’t work.

Anacker: Like a fixed position

Kunkle: Hi guys, no matter what I do I can’t seem to align the Cl***es/IDs column of my two separate tables to be the same width

Asevedo: I’m trying to adapt Vimium’s options page for another extension but this part is getting me stuck

Cesario: Can anyone explain why my site is so messed up in safari?

Cappaert: Looks fine in chrome and firefox but its a MESS in safari

Turinetti: CMFDesign disable css minify, refresh, check.

Mccoubrey: Turinetti: So I disabled css minify in w3tc and it still is a bit *****ed lol

Kubert: Well, its the same haha

Credit: Hi, I can’t figure out why my h2 is centered here:

Ogwynn: I think it has something to do with the padding on #sendmessageinfo

Turinetti: CMFDesign there’s a huge delay in loading the page now, 20+ seconds. And there’s still minified css loaded

Weedman: I know, I don’t get what is going on.

Thomasson: If I just remove the plugin, will that resolve it do you think?

Turinetti: CMFDesign ok now you’re good

Turinetti: It looks just fine on safari

Greczkowski: And it loads alright too, not too slow at all

Turinetti: Workistoofun Don’t know what you’re using but there’s some serious issues with the way it’s handling your td’s width. If you use the same # of characters for the second row, it aligns just fine.

Turinetti: Newyorkadam yes the padding pushes all the content inside the div by whatever value you give it

Placino: Turinetti: is there a way to override it? I tried “#sendmessageinfo{padding-top: 10px !important;}” but it didn’t override it

Neel: I mean #sendmessageinfo h2

Suaava: Turinetti:yeah, I’m trying to avoid putting hard px values for the width and trying to stick with % but idk what’s going on

Turinetti: Newyorkadam well you’d have to position the h2 differently if you really want to keep padding. Why not simply give #sendmessageinfo a width and height?

Turinetti: Newyorkadam for example you could do this but it’s really . unnecessary. If you simply give the parent a width instead of padding it, you’ll get the same size for it but the contents are not squished by the padding.

Turinetti: Workistoofun I understand but in your example I don’t see any percentages for the td for example.