Can anyone tell me why the .

Beynon: Anyway if you guys noted and if you change the browser size some of the stuff will disapear

Schlaefer: Dopie: and remember your nsfw tag when putting links :p

Schlaefer: Extreminador: please be specific. which things are disappearing? what should they be doing instead?

Touma: Background color is desapearing, some lines in the header part like the line on the botton part of the header

Hohiudden: They should not disapear mybe

Broncheau: The red box in left side it becomes very small

Parado: Guess i will take some print screens to explain better lool.

Schlaefer: Extreminador: you don’t have to use all four top/right/bottom/left properties. height/width are also useful

Schlaefer: Also, if you want it to be responsive to the browser size, you’re going to need to use some relative measurement, like %

Conkey: Well i had with height on beguining but for some reason i was not able to place them

Sliffe: But anyway i will try that them again

Kirsh: Hum % let me check that them

Halliwell: The content is overlapping the cell border, how to fix this?

Schlaefer: Ice_Strike: how do you want it to be fixed? what should it be doing instead?

Waltersdorf: Is there still any truth to translate3d vs translateX and such?

Spanski: If I want to move something horizontally, do I use translate3d or will translateX produce the same performance?

Romriell: Schlaefer I don’t want to be fixed width.

Koffman: Thansk guy’s with % is raaly better

Schlaefer: Ice_Strike: that’s a response, but not an answer: you want the cell to expand? you want the overflow hidden? what? also, you’re likely short on luck, browsers were not designed to lay out text that way

Brittain: Schlaefer What I want the cell to be auto width so the content will not overlap the border.

Schlaefer: Right, so you’re SOL. browsers weren’t meant to lay out text like that

Mione: Hey, could anyone please recommend a solution to this? www.weierstr***

Pedroza: I’d like to make the height of that object scale accordingly to the content inside. Width is set to 100%

Scarset: Block elements like div do that by default

Wieser: Reisio, sorry, I don’t think I follow on that one.

Luiz: Where would I add a div here?

Cullip: You can set display: block; if you want

Gittinger: Object width=”100%” height=”500px” align=”middle” display: block data=”app.swf”/object

Carbary: Reisio, does that make things complicated?

Berkhalter: They scale by default

Bennison: You just end up with letter boxing if the dimensions are off

Ultseh: Oh, so flash objects should just be displayed with their original dimensions?

Aravjo: My idea was to have the flash object use the entire width of the parent, but scale it’s height so that the dimensions remain right

Smither: Because that’s not what is happening here: www.weierstr***

Pestoni: Lapide_viridi: a page like that.

Abelman: Lapide_viridi: I’d probably use object { position: absolute; left: 0; top: foo; bottom: 0; }

Mersereau: Where foo is header height

Valladao: The Flash object will add black borders and crop as it requires

Argenal: Reisio, I’ll try that, thanks. Right now I could actually have moved the player out of the desired area if I hadn’t restricted its movement to the coordinates.

Sipler: Hey. So, how can I anchor an image to the right side/corner i.e. when resizing I want the right left part of the image to disappear, not the left ?

Boumthavee: Background-position: 100% 0;

Linkhart: Can anyone tell me why the .row inside #tab_content isn’t being selected?