And i want avatars to show.

Skupski: Turinetti: i got it, thx

Moynihan: Turinetti:ty that was what I needed, I’ll add a cl*** to those td’s. too much reliance on the previous extension’s options html

Turinetti: Workistoofun no problem. I sometimes like to do this to figure out what’s going on: : but yes your idea is great.

Bleifus: Turinetti:wow! that is a really useful technique thanks!

Turinetti: Haha it makes it easier for beginners like us 😛

Hoskyns: I just noticed a strange problem

Perrera: I am using last-child psuedo selectors to add a background color

Ribeiro: On resize i update widths of these elements

Soboleski: Using jquery selectors

Mcmannus: For some reason, psuedo selectors are not being applied

Calkin: Hello, need help, how can i make a list with only 2 rows?

Guevera: For example i need items to show up like this:

Pidro: Help me, pretty please

Zeidler: Pretty pretty pretty please

Schlaefer: That’s really annoying

Street: There’s this funny thing where you can type a whole sentence and THEN hit enter – it’s really cool. they call them “sentences”

Mcratt: Hey so show us what you’ve tried.

Schlaefer: Ziggy_: begging, and using enter

Lagant: Ziggy_, CSS 3 multi-column layout: Howto: Spec: Caniuse:

Schellenger: Schlaefer, • CSS3 Multiple column layout • W3C Candidate Recommendation • Global support: 19.92% • Only Opera Mini, Edge, iOS Safari, IE, Safari, and IE Mobile support this fully. • Spec: • Link:

Chelton: So you guys didn’t play monkey island?

Schlaefer: Seriously. the enter key. is bad.

Schlaefer: So that’s how you do it, but most browsers do not support it

Schlaefer: He’s not here right now, may i take a message?

Gaser: Could someone tell me: is it a rule of flexbox that a flex item with “overflow:hidden” will not expand beyond the size of its flex container, if its flex container has a fixed size?

Godlewski: Anyway, that won’t work in my case, i have a player list and want to show players like i explained above you know with that bloody enter key you hate so much so the first player is in first row in first column, second player in secon row, first column, third player in second column, first row, happy now Schlaefer? 😀

Balasa: Generally showing your problem is easier than telling us about it

Schlaefer: Ziggy_: your attitude is not going to get you any help, no matter how many disingenuous smilies you use. if you want to use css to do this, i showed you the only way. otherwise you’re going to have to split up the list into columns yourself

Steinkuehler: Balasa, Preferred live pastebins:

Grass: I’ve tried to “show it” but someone has a problem if i explain it in two rows which is what the problem is in the first place

Shortridge: Anyway, imagine if number is player avatar

Balasa: I meant put your code in one of those paste sites

Balasa: So we can *see* your code

Balasa: And not an ascii drawing of your code

Balasa: So. you’ve tried nothing?

Schlaefer: Then start writing some

Predom: Ok, i’ll show you with an image

Balasa: Show us what you’ve tried to do

Balasa: That way we know you’re actually trying to work it out on your own

Schnarr: Http://

Gouldsberry: Currently, all avatars fill in first row and then go in second row

Varano: And i want avatars to show up in one column with 2 rows max, then go to second column, again fill with max 2 avatars, and then in 3rd column, .