Whitespace in our css file.

Balasa: Hard to tell without seeing the page

Frankart: Don’t know if it’s any help but comedy is in ” ”

Hirsbrunner: Http://postimg.org/image/nmoq9b1nr/ —- this IS NOT A CODE question. so to any lurkers who dont want to talk code, please look. I just want some opinions on how I can better integrate that “Submit Task” button so it doesn’t look so stupid

Balasa: I wish there were good design channels on here i could point you to

Soult: I already tried #design

Cravens: I figure #css should have plenty of designers though

Balasa: Yes, i said good design channels, ##design would not count as that :p

Brauchla: Does #design have a bad reputation?

Balasa: Eh, depends on the day

Balasa: Also look at how big their banlist is

Balasa: Looks like #reddit-webdesign is decently sized

Balasa: Dunno what it’s like though

Shope: Pretty useless evidently

Balasa: Well, you’re talking to the worst person for design advice, so i’ll leave your question for someone else :

Sither: Balasa, would you mind helping me integrate that script into my html file?

Whelpley: I’ve put it under div id datetime under the header so I was just going to move the output to the right place in the header but no idea what tag I’d use

Balasa: Https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Do***ent/querySelector is what you want to learn for that

Balasa: In my example, i selected the span using that

Balasa: You can select any element using css selectors

Betts: How do I force something to take 100% width of the page?

Faull: Bootstrapius: display: block;

Vanis: Not that what you said is “wrong”

Strouse: Neither display: block or width: 100% work

Azore: But your nick makes me think you should run this: /msg alis list *bootstrap*

Glebocki: I was about to say reisio that he/she should also check his html/body

Ernandez: There is a padding on a parent div

Algarin: How can I override that

Kostis: It’s probably a lost cause if you’re using bootstrap

Deguise: You should go to #bootstrap or wherever alis says it is

Alsberry: I just want to make a div take up all possible width come what may

Sykora: You’ve got a css answer

Pottkotter: If it’s not working, you aren’t dealing with CSS

Feltmann: It’s still not overriding due to css though

Epifano: So there must be a better css solution

Manry: In chrome, if I untick a few css attributes like padding on parent divs then it works better

Kerwin: So there must be a css solution to override this stuff

Kind: This isn’t #chrome either

Larmon: At the end of the day it’s all css

Haakinson: Bootstrapius I have had the same issues you are encountering and it made me leave bootstrap in the forest for the wolves to eat

Hogarth: I feel the weight of the chains lifting off me ever since lol

Peno: What do you do now Hardtail?

Bedner: I understand your frustration, originally I learned HTML and CSS and then completely stopped doing this work for a number of years. Now that I went back to school for this we were taught Bootstrap and oh the horror.I didn’t think I would learn how to write HTML and CSS properly again because of how everything has changed with Responsive Design.

Fland: If I’m changing from e.g. img src=”https:// bla bla lba

Buechel: To a local file in a folder

Wittmann: Would it be img src=”/images/ximage.jpg”. for example?

Arvanitis: Thescatman: it’s relative to the do***ent root, it’s also not a question about CSS, and it’s also not nice to call out specific individuals

Muilenburg: Whitespace in our css file is fine for our own personal formatting right?