Yeah, but if you shrink it.

Phlieger: I have a div that is 1200 wide with a background image that is centered, now I want to fill the gap each side of it with another background image in each. thoughts on using CSS?

Balasa: Mark__: oh, i refreshed, i see it now

Riechers: Stupid question, how hard would it be to basically turn it into 1 homepage and 3 sub pages with the other info on them behind the buttons?

Balasa: Mark__: margin: 0 auto doesn’t work on absolutely positioned elements like it does normally

Ampy: I don’t really like it all listed down like this

Filiault: Yeah i just fixed it.

Kottman: I know this isn’t jquery channel but

Colborn: Do you mind taking a look at this js and tell me why it isn;t working?

Decoux: I already have it on the same website

Mchaffie: Http://

Balasa: Thescatman: as easy as making three more pages and putting the text in them

Balasa: And then linking to them from the main page

Alson: Would I just literally copy the page and move the content to 1 part per page

Balasa: I mean, its not the most efficent way of doing it, but if youre just starting out it’s fine

Daty: And one more css question. after positioning relative, why are there suddenly so many spaces between the .content and .target?

Balasa: Mark__: you can’t have a script with both a src=”” and javascript inside of it

Brandau: Actually ya know what, I’m going to try and add a live time and date to the top of the page maybe

Balasa: Mark__: you have a lot of br in your html

Balasa: You shouldn’t have any really, use margin instead

Saldeen: I got rid of the script type but it’s still not working.

Balasa: Thescatman: that’s a good idea

Denault: But thanks for taking a look at it

Solimeno: Turning out to be a lot harder than I imagined lol

Balasa: You’ll need to learn a little JavaScript, but it should be doable

Pusateri: I’m trying to just stick with html and css for today, reckon I’ll make a subpage for the ‘site’ next

Wirebaugh: I’m shooting for a landing page that will navigate to my ‘radsproductions’ ‘radsportfolio’ and ‘radsblog’

Lisi: But do people still use flash man?

Tesh: What happened to people like

Isreal: Well that site lives up to its name :

Balasa: Thescatman: here’s a very simple answer to your live time question, if you ever want to try it,css,js,output

Balasa: It definitely needs improvement, but it’s a start

Meyerhoffer: Balasa, how do you do sir. how comfortable are you with flex box? 😀

Balasa: Unrecited: if you use flash, you lose all your mobile visitors

Trusillo: How long until it gets to the point where you don’t have to constantly check for formatting errors etc.? haha

Northouse: Suddenly it’s very quiet.

Mackesy: Looked like a netsplit

Balasa: Thescatman: this is chat, you’d notice a netsplit if it happened :p

Glidwell: I should really sleep to be honest. 3am. really want to get a second subpage done though

Thurman: Here is good afternoon

Wiktor: Why doesnt this work if you cut and paste it into an html file?

Balasa: Cagedwisdom: i’m ***uming the html file has head body etc. in it already?

Soro: Balasa, yes, and compiled css was used

Balasa: Hmm, i don’t know then. if you inspect the table, does it look like the css file is being used at all?

Balasa: Or look at your network tab and see if the css file is being loaded

Houseal: Yeah, but if you shrink it down it doesnt go responsive like the codepen example