Xec: from what i read in.

Schlaefer: Oh, wow. i’m 3 hours late to that party

Schlaefer: The questioner’s gone, so, no, the regular kind

Villalba: Fair point, i did check if they were still around about 1min before you

Bisignano: Mainly because i am in heavy procrastination mode

Schlaefer: It wasn’t until i saw their 22:24:39 to my 01:29:30 that i even bothered to check if they were still there. time is a mystery to me

Balsam: Especially when in a good coding spree

Larabel: I am building up to one

Delatte: And have been for the past 3 hours

Roope: And of course my discussion lit up that there was suddenly chatter in this channel

Niesent: Hi. how to select a href in css?

Niesent: I tried ahref but it effect on a text, not a href link

Gullatt: That selects all anchor tags with an attribute “href”. It’s going to style the anchor.

Niesent: I want to lowercase href link

Holmstrom: So set text-transform: lowercase; on it.

Parhan: Niesent: . are you trying to change the url it goes to when they click the link?

Niesent: Just want to set lowercase it

Prader: Css will only change the way the link gets drawn on the screen

Lenhart: Also be careful breaking links, not every url works in lowercase

Niesent: If its not a special character. it should work i guess

Anon: Niesent: wouldn’t count on it; eg – https://pastecry.pt/kkRD3V#Es%5EAd_Ub0Rex4Ver1En3Fee0Uf

Frazier: How do you go about making sure svg text fits inside an svg rect?

Duverney: Gingitsune: i haven’t worked all that much with svg, but can you make a demo at jsfiddle?

Dunman: Gingitsune: if the svg is something like a logo you should convert it to vector outlines so it doesn’t require the user to have the exact font installed

Nunnery: Https://jsfiddle.net/c88osd5y/

Mahnke: Here what I have at the moment

Yonemura: First question – why is that an svg? seems like you could do the same thing much easier with some html divs

Vanwart: I’m making a flow chart

Magliocco: There will be rombuses, elipses an other shapes

Gupton: Gingitsune: it appears the y attribute of text is at the baseline of the text rather than the top of the text-box

Krommes: Ok, second question, why are you doing svg by hand? there are plenty of nice svg editors including free apps like inkscape which will make this a whole lot simpler

Shoun: Xec: a quick fix for that is to add 1em to the first tspan

Quante: What is the CSS equivalent for table’s cellpadding and cellspacing ?

Sollie: Gingitsune: 1em won’t neccessarily be correct

Bonini: Mbm: Its I’m writing an app that generates the SVG based on some user filled data

Ringuette: Gingitsune: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18571540/html5-svg-text-positioning

Pagels: Xec: thats why Im here

Mehis: Gingitsune: what happens if you don’t give the text x/y at all and put them inside the rect=

Schlaefer: Zap0: padding, and border-spacing

Quante: Ok, so where i might have table cellpadding=”2″ i know have table style=” ? padding: 2px;” what is the syntax in there for the td?

Schlaefer: You don’t. you put it in a style block

Seifarth: Styles go in stylesheets or style blocks, as said. Inline styles are largely to be avoided. Maintenance and update nightmare.

Mattinson: Xec: it seems that is not valid as chrome put text outside of the rect

Quante: I need inline styles for this

Horesco: Why do you need inline styles? This sounds more like “I want to use them, leave me alone.”

Yackley: Http://goo.gl/OzsDIB here are my aligned elements buttons, they display correctly, but SOMEHOW they shift in another version http://goo.gl/iRIzb4 ,wtf?

Slusar: Xec: from what i read in the MDN intro on svg it will not be contained. THere is no text wrapping. Thus i have used the tspans