When you do that you just.

Reial: Can anyone tell why on my page here: http://f4t4lnet.minecraftmarket.com/ the currency switcher and navigation menu inside the black bar is being shifter and hidden when you click on the menu items or the current changer

Reial: Http://puu.sh/k4ohb/69e23c5501.png

Reial: Its like its being contained within the parent .bar element but its positions absolutely.

Browen: Reial: your nav bar is being pushed up by the currency selector controls

Reial: That*. how do i fix it

Baurer: Position the dropdown better; its height is greater than the nav bar it is contained in. there’s probably other reasons it’s throwing itself off in this specific way

Cullivan: I’m looking at what you have now

Hackman: Is this all HTML you’re editing? you’re positioning the store-controls div over the top of the nav

Reial: Im limited to what i can change

Scovill: Let me try to find a solution :p

Skaer: Overflow: visible; on .bar

Mcspirit: Yeah idk about duh :p

Reial: Thanks i forgot i had that

Reial: I kinda robbed this from the parent project

Fetsko: Overflow clipping shouldn’t impact how absolutely positioned elements are displayed

Fickle: Maybe it’s possible the browser is trying to force the input into a visible area

Lomba: Since the input is auto-selected

Gillig: But i don’t know if that’s even a real thing

Reial: Maybe since that element is relative it may

Koulavongsa: Seems to do the trick, though

Weiskopf: Is there a standard way to make a website render well on all ‘major’ screensizes?

Scarpato: Sure, responsive design and media queries

Salvemini: Weiskopf: yes, you have to know what you’re doing

Lavi: HTML is “responsive” all on its own, though

Weiskopf: Is there a standard responsive deisgn template css page

Scarpato: Probably can find a cheap responsive template somewhere online

Duncanson: There are many variations of ‘best practices’ but no authoritive standard

Weiskopf: For example if i want to build a web app

Vojtko: If it advertises itself as responsive. it’s probably going to ****

Pecanty: The same way anything advertising itself as something is trying too hard

Smithee: How “low calorie!” food is actually high calorie

Villata: If it merely says ‘responsive’, it might be comparatively okay

Krebbs: But premade HTML/CSS stuff usually ****s regardless, IMO

Weiskopf: Any recommendation for build a responsive mobile app

Weiskopf: Im doing it as a side learning project

Hsy: Weiskopf: embeded website with an app interface?

Mong: If it’s a ‘mobile app’ you want, you probably don’t want it “responsive”

Friel: You want the opposite

Hertzel: I should stick to programming

Sanders: Its 5am and this sums me up pretty well http://media.giphy.com/media/13FrpeVH09Zrb2/giphy.gif

Weiskopf: For example you got meetup.com on your laptop

Weiskopf: Looks good then you go to mobile browser looks good

Weiskopf: Then you could put in into a wrapper an make it an android app if you wanted

Weiskopf: Why do some companies run the mobile web with m.foo.com and others just have a responsive layout?

Duncanson: They can more precisely define what ***ets/info is avaialble in a limited screenspace, and have more control over HTTP overhead

Ramelli: Yes, you can be idiotic and limit what people can see in the “mobile” version

Arnio: Thereby making them think you’re idiotic, because you are

Schares: When you do that you just waste my time and make me view your “desktop” view