Robertmaxrees: the fiddle.

Perretti: Oh didn’t even look at the href nonsense. The answer to that is $.prop- . . waait. I won’t do it again.

Sing: Monk3y: robertmaxrees I don’t see a difference between what the two of you posted? But that is working better. If I wanted to get the value of any given input from that array of inputs would it be something like $’inputname=”clinics”‘.val;

Larkan: Prop is actually wrong in this case.

Letteney: Islalobo first off, it’s not “an array of inputs”

Blumenkrantz: It’s a jquery object.

Bunnell: Second off, you don’t want that – you want to use the change event instead.

Florentino: Then just grab the value of the current one.

Gismondi: Prop is wrong? Whaaa? I thought attr would get the initial value on-render, but .prop is for setting or getting thereafter.

Bierbower: Http://

Bollier: Stop me if I’m solving more of the homework than I should :/

Portwine: Either way, .attr is more appropriate in this case.

Rumbaugh: Check out how browsers return different values for .prop’href’ and .attr’href’ for relative urls.

Adrien: Oh that could be a kicker.

Bramucci: Http://

Stmarie: Close. but elem isn’t set there, islalobo

Mokler: Wait, that still has elem…

Goolesby: Robertmaxrees: is it $this.val that I want/

Zunino: When you bind to $inputtype=’radio’.change, will that fire just for the one that’s selected – or for both the new one selected, and the old one deselected?

Santander: Http://

Yunker: Islalobo that should work :

Prusha: Monk3y that is to say, just once.

Tohen: I just got incremented and I know not what my score is.

Tinstman: Thank you for helping and thank you for not feeding me the answer :

Tarbell: Now if I could just get it to work in drupal

Dinis: What part of it doesn’t work?

Bottaro: Because that should work just fine.

Wynn: No errors when I look in firebug

Maldonado: Then you’re probably not selecting the right element.

Overshown: Because the fiddle works :

Lamarch: If you pop a console log in there, does it work?

Lindholm: How can i trigger from data-toggle=”modal” and data-target=”#myModal” from inside a jquery function. $’.avatarCropper’.clickfunctione{ };

Suchecki: I was about to say the same thing

Lindholm: Yeah after i wrote it. iwas like uhm.

Idol: Ran on, and received “undefined undefined” in console

Josephs: How is the json file “undefined”?

Virgadamo: Robertmaxrees: I’m trying to find out what you mean by “pop a console log in there”

Phillips: Console.log’foo’; as the first thing in the event handler, islalobo

Brooks: Jeffreylevesque try first – see what’s up there first.

Monegro: Console log says “FileList File ”

Beardsley: It has an attribute of length:1

Vangieson: Any particular jquery to use for form validation?

Mccarrell: LastModified: 1441632072772

Mccolloch: Like i just add cl*** when example required fields

Omohundro: Furoido there’s jquery validate.

Manor: Requires a little mor effort than that but otherwise should fit the bill.

Valderas: Ideas for debugging “$..nextUntil is not a function” ? I’m using the same expression in the firebug console and it works THERE :

Benthall: Robertmaxrees: the fiddle i’m using doesn’t suffice?