I just want to p*** a.

Ornelaz: Lambda lifting basically makes it so the function takes more arguments but doesnt require a closure to be allocated

Ornelaz: And so, you wouldnt see a heap allocation then.

Ornelaz: Its when its made, not when tis called fwiw

Ornelaz: Usually those are close for me though

Ornelaz: Either way, v8 doesnt heap allocate when you call a function most of the time.

Ornelaz: It frequently for unoptimized functions if it had a floating point number in a register though, and you’re p***ing it as a parameter

Gulotta: Lambda lifting is basically converting: function fooa{ return functionb{ return a + b }} into function foo_2a, b{ return a + b }, so if you do fooab, you get foo_2a, b

Pigram: You still need to p*** the values to the function, yes, but you don’t pay the price of allocating two closures.

Shutts: But in any case, there’s a lot of inlining going on, so you might not even pay the function call price.

Askew: You do need to test in your actual application, though, since the invariants/***umptions/etc change based on context/how other code calls your code

Boahn: Dolby: Thanks for the explanation, helped me a lot, may will use in the future. :

Hanel: Dolby: why are you interested in Clojure now buddy?

Heininger: Hm, I’ve always been interested in Clojure?

Eisensmith: Why does this not work? http://hastebin.com/hohuvihoxe.avrasm

Gearing: Eisensmith: what happens?

Eisensmith: Dash, I can’t access the array

Eisensmith: If I do element.innerHTML = $scope.localelang”links”0″title”}}

Quereto: How do I get a reference to the iframe itself, not its window?

Delmendo: Not iframe.contentWindow

Repass: From inside the iframe?

Duropan: I am running JS inside an iframe

Stockfisch: The contentDo***ent property returns the Do***ent object generated by a frame or iframe element. —

Prass: I want to get a reference to the iframe itself

Tiggs: The iframe element in the parent window

Cassella: I can do it if the iframe has an id, but what if it doesn’t?

Fassett: How do I go from its contentWindow to itself?

Vanhoecke: Eisensmith: http://plnkr.co/edit/01sisCIL5Mb2tn8Z15Jm?p=preview works 4 me

Eisensmith: I found a way to fix it 😛

Konopacki: Diamonds: #angularjs – ##bootstrap – #browserify – ##closure-tools – #cordova – #coffeescript – #crosswalk – #css – #d3.js – #do***entcloud Backbone, Underscore – #dojo – #emberjs – #express – #googlemaps – #grunt – #gulpjs – #io.js – #jadejs – #jquery – #knockoutjs – #mootools – #node.js – #phantomjs – #phaserio – #phonegap – #prototype – #reactjs – #requirejs – #socket.io – #three.js – #webgl – #yui

Havner: I don’t understand the question

Foutain: I have an iframe with a do***ent loaded

Viengxay: Both the parent do***ent and iframe content are from the same domain

Ovitt: I am trying to give a reference to the content inside the iframe to access, when it’s loaded

Spachtholz: I tried doing it like this: iframe.contentWindow.foo = ‘bar’

Burford: But .foo gets unset when the do***ent is loaded

Ornelaz: I feel like you usually p*** in content to iframes via query parameters in the url

Burlaza: I want to p*** a REFERENCE to a function to call

Drahos: That would have worked IF iframe.contentWindow.foo = function { } would persist

Oetting: But it resets to undefined

Ornelaz: Use postMessage for that

Tipold: Because I want to call a callback in the parent window

Lindau: PostMessage isn’t supported by all IE

Ornelaz: Its supported back to ie8

Croxton: Even if I used postMessage, it wouldn’t do what I want

Amerio: I just want to p*** a REFERENCE TO A FUNCTION