Well i need to so that on.

Pintea: Smth like margin:auto; on a 100% width page

Griffitts: Yes i don’t want the menu button

Pulfer: It’s like i want a work block in the center and other blocks around it

Danniels: Azuk you cannot have “work be both center of the page and relative to everything else

Ponciano: Hmm, so how can I do that ?

Gathings: You can make your entire navigation block center of the page, and “work” will be the center-most item since it is in the “middle” of the list items

Sanderson: Well, i can’t do that. thank you anyway

Saddler: Azuk: https://jsfiddle.net/aoccw5Lp/1/

Scherz: Boogyman : thank you a lot

Decelles: If you want the navigation the full width you can just remove the “width:100%”, but i added it to make it explicit

Louil: If i have justify-content: center; set for a flexbox how do i have one of the items appear the the end of the flexbox ?

Hektner: B4b: why is it that you need an op?

Mell: One of my ip addrs is banned

Dunt: Tried align but that seems to just be for vertical alignment

Brackenridge: C0nundrum: have you read this? https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/a-guide-to-flexbox/

Bottgenbach: Its pretty detailed in how a flex box works

Audas: I read the entire css trick page

Sweeting: I didn’t see anything on overiding justify for individual items

Canady: Nvm i guess i can just use normal css properties for it

Pardue: Flexbox is a standardized feature

Caffery: That was wierd got discontected

Aronstein: Whats the ghost command again ?

Boast: Gizzi: have you tried align-self:flex-end

Mcgurren: On the item you are wanting at the end?

Gizzi: Yes and that is only for vertical align ment at least the the effect i get

Cusack: And where are you wanting it?

Palacious: What do you have set for your flex-flow:

Gizzi: I didn’t define flex-flow

Ye: What about flex-direction:?

Gizzi: Only thing i defined for the parent is display flex, and justify center

Flowers: Ok try in the parent container setting flex-direction:column

Zeschke: See what that gives you

Gizzi: Well thats works but then how would i have the items be inline

Bawden: Play with the parent container and align-items:

Shelter: Maybe try center, stretch, or baseline

Surina: So if they aren’t inline what are they doing?

Gizzi: One sec i wil make a fiddle

Gizzi: TardisJunkie i got this far http://jsfiddle.net/dragonpiper/szf2jz26/

Gizzi: Http://jsfiddle.net/dragonpiper/szf2jz26/1/

Gizzi: The problem is center isn’t ceneterd

Sawaia: Gizzi: not sure, I’m playing with it

Gizzi: Yea same. Can’t seem to fine anything besides setting left margine manaully :

Gizzi: Ah i guess i found something make “center” positon absolute, width 100%, and text-align center :

Gizzi: TardisJunkie http://jsfiddle.net/dragonpiper/szf2jz26/4/

Gizzi: I feel like it defeats the point of using flexbox though since position absolute overides all flex options :/

Crumpacker: Well, you’re trying to get flexbox to do something it wasn’t designed to do :

Deya: How would you go about accomplishing this Crumpacker?

Crumpacker: Probably position: absolute like Gizzi did

Crumpacker: Gizzi: flexbox was designed to position elements relative to their siblings and the available space

Crumpacker: What you’re trying to do isn’t really what flexbox was meant for

Gizzi: Well i need to so that on mobile i can reorder my items, unless there is a better way ?