I want “work” between home.

Rysavy: If i have a header and i want it formated as “Title iconaiconb” on tablet and on phones i want it to be formated as “iconatitleiconb” what would be a good way to set it up ? having the icons in a abosolute div and adjust it that way ?

Pennigton: Boogyman, Read all about flexbox: http://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/a-guide-to-flexbox/ & http://jonibologna.com/flexbox-cheatsheet/ ; Play with flexbox: http://flexboxin5.com/

Mckendall: Or should i just have seperate blocks for each view ?

Farin: And use css to hide the other /

Melian: Research flexbox at the links above, definitely do not create extra html

Seda: Can some pro help me to make this simple nav. – https://wimdelvoye.be/, i’m trying to make something similar for hours, and i’m just frustrating myself more and more.

Schaumburg: Azuk: show us what you have so far using jsfiddle.com or codepen.io

Deters: Http://flexboxin5.com/ seems to be offline ?

Mistrot: Hm, flexbox support starts at 6.1 :/

Ramirez: Css=tricks is the best reference

Belvins: C0nundrum: free yourself from the notion that all UserAgents must be visually equal.

Mcclimens: Azuk: sending private messages is bad form.

Accosta: Without the consent of the recipient. that is*

Esbenshade: What do you mean ? If i use pre ios 6 how would i acheive the same order change without creating extra html ?

Holmes: Why do you need to support ios 6

Jaquet: Boogyman : https://jsfiddle.net/ryn2nn1r/

Obarr: Maybe wouldn’t say need but it would be nice to have as much compatibilty that is reasonable.

Rauh: C0nundrum: that’s what I mean, allow those older UserAgents to display differently

Yearling: It would take some effort to keep an iphone at 6

Winterroth: In my case, i would like to get the “work” button in the center

Lottie: I get what you are saying but flexbox is the way things are going and the chances of having someone with an ancient browser that attempts to update itself is pretty minimal

Fockler: C0nundrum: the web is an awesome place where things are allowed to render on any device. Keeping presentation equivalence across UserAgents and their ***ociated versions is ludacris. Hardware and Software are allowed to have different features

Heckathorn: Boogyman, do you know what i am doing wrong ?

Breier: C0nundrum: http://www.webdevout.net/test?04HQ&raw

Terrasas: Azuk: okay, what are you trying to complete? I see a full site, not a specific use-case

Stele: Https://jsfiddle.net/aoccw5Lp/

Prestridge: I’m trying to get smth similar to this : https://wimdelvoye.be/ without the search bar + i want the “work” button to be placed in the center

Barkins: But i don’t understand what am I doing bad i’m really new to this kind of stuff sorry

Barry: In fact, my problem is positioning

Quirino: The desired site uses JS to enable the “dropdown” capability

Stoutamire: Boogyman : i don’t want to use js, i’m just trying to place “work” in the center and the others with relative positions, but i can’t

Escuriex: The only problem i have is positioning

Blanzy: And the rest of them relative how?

Lantto: The only way i can place work in the center is width:100% + text-align:center

Highberger: But if it’s 100% width, the other blocks are not on the same line, do you understand me ?

Bohan: Yes, I understand your issue. please explain what you mean by the “other items relative”

Mascarenas: Pawel, home, about, contact

Remey: I want them to stay on the same line

Swensson: Like on this site https://wimdelvoye.be/

Wollert: And you want “work” as a layer directly over/on-top of those words?

Beasley: I want “work” between home and about + i want it to be centered