Z1haze2, CSS.

Gatchell: Have you considered device responsive stylesheets

Crumpacker: Yea, its hard for something to be centered that only has siblings on one side

Deckelbaum: Any have suggestions on an alternative to Mediatemple ?

Ruthman: I need some help in menu design

Huddelston: Gummybehr: depending on needs, it’s a nice lightweight approach

Camic: Need a full blown webhost

Haberman: Not really file storage/repository

Sparacio: Gummybehr: no suggestions to alternative but I do recommend staying away from hostgator, they’re good but when you switch hosts they don’t want to stop billing you. ever

Stroop: Haha, bad experience huh?

Sarate: Easy question: there’s still no mechanism for setting a value via a selector like by the value ID’d element’s trait is there?

Playl: Going on year 1.25 at the moment of no services but continued billing. up to $475 of charges that never should have happened and they continue to grow, can’t get them to stop invoicing, they agree I’m not hosting with them but billing seems to not care

Beckett: Sinoid: I don’t get your question

Laham: Http://media2dvd.com/newsite/header.html how can i convert this table menu to css

Bonde: Ie .junkCl*** { bottom: #otherDiv.top; }

Brier: Or something of the sort

Crumpacker: Sinoid: no, there’s not

Crumpacker: That’s a javascript thing

Hemmings: Sinoid: Nah, and to be honest. it’s a good thing. I can’t even start to imagine the mess that would create

Chrisler: Yeah, it’d be a great big circular mess on top of an already great big circular mess

Delmonico: Sinoid: That said, you can use a CSS preprocessor as you should to define variables that you can reuse

Foran: Gummybehr: have you considered leasing rack space?

Omdahl: Too expensive for my needs

Schussler: Nah, problem is it’s changing on the side – I’ll just have to do it the Haxe middle-end

Berrigan: Mediatemple raised their prices after Godaddy acquired them, I’m with Dreamhost now, I just really hate the control panel interface

Bourbonnais: Just wanted to check to see if there was anything new to do it more easily

Diss: I know it’s not everyones favorite but honestly I’m growing to like IIS7, using it with asp.net and PHP and static IP from ISP to do hosting inhouse now

Bastine: I mainly just want to host my personal site + my startup im working on, sort of side project so don’t really have the need for a rack

Polsky: What kind of traffic do you get on a monthly basis

Shaban: Nada, just private stuff

Derwin: My startup is in stealth mode.still working on it

Orihuela: I maybe looking for a new web host the one i am with dosent offer much services

Morris: Michael_p: Who are you with?

Gizzi: TardisJunkie the sheet will be responsive

Gizzi: It will switch the order at a certain width

Gizzi: A bit less css than doing it without flexbox

Budds: What about using different stylesheet all together based on device dimensions?

Crumpacker: How would that be any different than media queries?

Gizzi: Crumpacker on tablet it will be ” ceneted right_iconright_icon”

Gizzi: On mobile it will be “left_icon ceneterd right_icon”

Quereto: I suppose it wouldn’t be different but I find it easier to keep my css readable that way

Gizzi: Well i have by breakpoints as a seperate sheet

Hickie: I am looking for one who can do web design also

Bacak: I stay with a table menu for now

Gizzi: Is there a way to have css elements auto tabbed ?

Hornsby: If I have 2 inline-block elements, how to i make them both vertically aligned

Dobrzykowski: Like this: http://puu.sh/lt3KX/5c07ff35f2.jpg

Correale: Z1haze2, CSS ‘vertical-align’ property: http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/visudet.html#propdef-vertical-align