Those will have a width.

Feeback: Probably try opacity: 0.5 insted of opacity: 50%

Stocks: How do I center the top text? I used table-cell for vertical-align: middle, which works fine

Towse: Found a solution, but is there a way with fewer divs?

Allessi: Cleaned up the css, but still many divs

Isle: Hello i try to give a html5 video a center direction in my html layout. i need this html5 video center in my header. what can i do? i have try margin-left: 50 %, but the video container is not center.

Hollins: Is the html5 site valid again when i give the html5 elemten a style tag and change some options?

Shido: I mean that html5 video i would like to give them a id or cl*** or a style and format that in the body

Slama: Is there a good polyfill that would allow using flexbox in a consumer app? ie9+

Visnosky: Ideally I want to just use the latest version and forget about it, not mix versions and prefixes manually

Balasa: Theres not a great polyfill for flex

Nault: Conditional comment with h1UPDATE YOUR BROWSER/h1

Balasa: Yes, let’s all go back to 1998

Leistiko: Is this the place to discuss Isotope ?

Leistiko: I see there’s not a specific chan setup for it

Stoop: That’s too bad, it basically means I can’t use flex yet

Balasa: Graceful degradation wouldn’t work?

Saffo: I’m building a calendar and some visualizations with a bunch of pixel-perfect parts

Stachowiak: I don’t think it would even make sense degraded

Balasa: Well, the markup and data are the same.

Kinlecheeny: Flex would have been handy vs float hell

Balasa: So it should make a certain amount of sense

Balasa: Also could use modernizr

Mccomb: Thing is, if I make it look ok with modernizr I might as well go with that version for everything

Tomasetti: Oh well, it’ll be flex for version 2 or something

Kurtis: Balasa: what about flexie? I know it’s the old syntax, but it’s still flex, right?

Balasa: Yes, but it’s the old syntax

Balasa: And will probably go away eventually

Chrisco: Do you think it would be easier to migrate flexie-flex later?

Balasa: If you use modernizr now, migrating would be just getting rid of modernizr

Angelos: Hello. how could I make the nav appear on the top left?

Hinkley: I mean: how could I make the nav appear on the top left, next to the albums div?

Leistiko: I inherited a single column Isotope-based layout with wide, rectangular blocks going down the page.

Leistiko: I want to reduce the width of those blocks by ~50% and have them flow, with 2 per row

Leistiko: I suspect this is easily done – am I correct? I’ve got the 50% part done, but I can’t get things to flowing / more than one block per row

Leistiko: This is the page:

Molly: Hello everyone, I’m working on making my site responsive and would like some help.

Fegette: Http:// This page changes when the viewport’s width is less than 551px.

Middlebrook: The icons at the bottom that are tiled horizontally. I’d like to make them tile vertically, in the center of the page, when my breakpoint is hit.

Cenat: But I’m having trouble coming up with a way.r

Jugan: Way.* Can anyone help?

Dunahoe: Febul are you creating all your own css for this?

Lescarbeau: Bango2: The three icon sections are percentage-width columns.

Erlanger: Ok those are going to be not percentage anymore

Caswell: Those will have a width that fits them nicely, and they will be display inline-block