I have a fixed div with.

Turinetti: Ok that makes sense now.

Julander: That way a submenu would be contained within a defined width

Lynne: Instead of the menu growing horizonally as you explore submenus

Rebusi: What style would cause a nested ul tag to be removed from the workflow and layer it on top of it’s parent li tag?

Mckevitt: What style would prevent the other li tags from being pushed down

Endris: Could a fresh pair of eyes help me to spot what im doing wrong with my CSS selector?

Wingeier: Enav, Always provide a link to a *live* page or pared-down testcase so we can see the problem in action. Looking at code or images alone usually isn’t very effective. Also see paste and testcase.

Blakeslee: Im trying to remove the border of the last element here

Woodland: Http://www.teslatests.dreamhosters.com/test87/

Pelton: To be honest i have no idea why this is not working, i even tested the markup and is also valid

Morataya: Ah joomla. my beloved nemesis

Reynero: Im stuck on this little bugger

Lanser: Simple css problem, why isn’t this image showing please help: http://jsbin.com/tufematewu/edit?html,css,output

Turinetti: Squack because the div has nothing in it to give it any size

Turinetti: Squack either give it a width and height via css or put something in it

Stenz: Turinetti: I want it to be as big as the image is

Overcash: Turinetti: shouldnt it just do that automatically?

Turinetti: Squack that’s a background image you set, it’s not an img element, so it doesn’t “take space” inside the div. Additionally, you set it to cover which means it will stretch to fill the entirety of that div

Trillas: Hey, I am using skeleton http://getskeleton.com/, and I am trying to get a bunch of columns to the same height as their parent row/container: http://jsfiddle.net/afk70wn8/ – basically I want the ‘more’ to lign up between all containers

Stonebreaker: But I can’t get the column to resize to the parent height

Turinetti: Dav1d try min-height in pixel size for the .column,.columns but that will make it apply globally, so adding an ID for those columns you want to share the same height might make sense.

Lindenberg: Turinetti, I don’t want a global min pixel size, because I cannot know the height of the content

Iozzo: So some might get cut off, or there is waay to much space, it would also break on mobile

Thygerson: Hello, is there a way to do a double wildcard match for a css selector? for example matching col-lg-6, col-md-6, col-sm-6, col-xs-6 with something like col-**-6?

Praley: Or do you do something like divcl***=’col-‘, cl***$=’-6′ ?

Turinetti: Dav1d got it. Then you can set height on the container to whatever percentage you want, overflow to hidden, and then height 100% on the .column to match its parent.

Cutri: Turinetti, isn’t that already the case in the fiddle apart from overflow set to hidden?

Varenhorst: Divcl***=’col-‘cl***$=’-18′ solves it, thanks!

Turinetti: Dav1d then you’re good. :

Bodensteiner: Interesting, why does it work in the fiddle now, I have no idea what I changed

Lemons: Turinetti, ah there is the next issue, what if the content needs more height than %-height set on the container?

Turinetti: Overflow to hidden, and position relative on the container is a good place to start when you want kids to grow as tall as its parent

Turinetti: Dav1d then it gets cut

Hachez: Turinetti, right overflow to hidden, mh

Turinetti: I mean the children get cut :

Hibbits: Turinetti, I guess there is no way to make it work without setting the height explicitly on the parent?

Bastarache: And just let it take the height from the largest child?

Labrec: Turinetti, thanks for the input, I have a general direction now and realized I need to rethink it again.

Falcon: I have a fixed div with background #ccc, and text in the containing div. I set opacity to 50% and expected that scrolling the text will appear through the #ccc background but it did not. What shall I do? http://www.webdevout.net/test?05G0 is a minimal example