Was told to use the.

Hamer: Why if I reduce the width of an img by a % does right: 50%; transform:translatex-50%; not center the img horizontally?

Cuaresma: Bango2: Alright, I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

Vergari: Hi, i have 3 inline elements, but i want the middle one to overlap over the 2 on the left and right

Hamer: Nevermind, position absolute is all I needed

Balazs: Febul, offerboxes gets max-width:900px;width:100%; col-1-3 should be changed to a div width ~300, display inline-block

Balasa: Christo_m: probably make it position: absolute

Matto: Balasa: but then i lose the inline aspect.

Balasa: Could use position: relative maybe

Balasa: Don’t know if it could be stretched like that though

Herrell: Bango2: I ended up having to remove the float too. I forgot that I was floating the elements.

Nienhuis: Bango2: What does max-width do in this instance?

Cruther: Width is 100% unless browser width is 900px, then it will not be 100% it will stay at 900px

Flagler: Pretty straightforward from the name

Saults: Bango2: The thing that’s gonna give me the hardest time is the slide-out menu :

Maatta: Guys, when you use ‘View Source’ and copy and paste the website in a text editor? How do you seperate the HTML and CSS?

Gennaro: If the CSS is in the HTML file it will be in style tags at the top of the sheet.

Baltazor: Can i delete it and put it in a seperate folder

Conly: You could always cut and paste it into a new file

Amsterdam: Alternative, most sites however do use external CSS already

Bobzien: Andi: what does that mean?

Kniffen: Anotheryou: what does that mean?

Horack: Alternative, external css is css thats linked from another file, in a link href tag

Symons: Alternative, you than can not make a copy via copy + paste, because the stylesheet will be missing

Jotblad: You can make a copy via copy + paste, however you have to view source, find the link href to all css files, go to the url in the href, and copy them manually

Vanabel: Or you can right click a link and save link as, in many browsers

Mccanse: Which amazingly will also fix most paths in the source code to their new local copies of the files and you can see which files where part of a page :

Joliet: Hi, what’s the best least eyestrain font color on a black background?

Shetrone: I’ll test some grey for a while #a3a3a3 and see how it works for me. i used some green earlier #00c000 but grey might be indeed nicer to read on a black background

Stain: Lumidee, if you want to retain nightvision because you work in the dark: try red. But it’s not the most readable

Donham: Hi all, I any good css framework? I would like something really light no bootstrap

Rendon: I have been checking purecss and skeletong

Jeanphilippe: But would like to know more options

Leistiko: Anyone here at all skilled with Isotope?

Steczo: Leistiko: ah, that javascript masonry / flexbox replacement thing

Duttweiler: What font is used here: http://i.imgur.com/cbHJPd3.jpg ?

Bearse: You can use a tool such as https://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ to search for a font with an image. When I used that image I got 5 reasonable matches.

Steczo: And there is identifont, too

Teran: Hello everyone; i’m trying to align the text to my custom list-style image.

Voller: It’s all awkward at the moment, the text falls below the bullet to the right.

Mammen: Losingmymind: Please paste your code on http://jsfiddle.net/ so we can see the problem.

Hargens: Http://jsfiddle.net/r1yor6ac/

Greth: Most of the site is controlled by a theme; these are the few custom CSS tweaks i’ve made so far.

Rydberg: Was told to use the line-style-image: url for adding custom bullet but can’t find a way to align the text with said bullet.