Thenewone, yes, check out.

Laskosky: I *tested it in Firefox*

Cicale: Max-width is a cap, that means if there’s enough content it will cap its growth at that point. If you wanted it to grow as much as possible until that limit even without enough content, then you need to add in the flexbox properties for flex-grow and so on.

Miyao: AMcBain: is closer

Tysarczyk: Kellytk: how did you get this solution from the url i gave you? display: -moz-inline-stack; that’s not the solution at all and it’s not even mentioned.

Tysarczyk: AMcBain: wellhellothar

Bosch: Kellytk, of course, if you keep changing what you asked for. Also “//” doesn’t work for comments in regular CSS.

Formosa: Some preprocessors support it, though.

Miano: You wanted them to grow up to the max-width. Your max-width was shorter than what would cause both of them to use all of their parent’s space, even if you put flex-grow: 1; on the .right

Tysarczyk: Some fundamental understanding of css is entirely missing here

Heathershaw: Kellytk, given the changing goal posts, this is possibly probably closest to what you are looking for:

Kennady: AMcBain: Expand to where left and right are on the same line. Now shrink it horizontally. If there is not sufficient horizontal space to fit both at max-width, right flows to the next line. My goal is for both left and right to shrink to min-width, and then to flow to the new line

Stoesz: At least as far as I understand it at the moment.

Attinger: Do you see what I’m referring to AMcBain?

Capell: Kellytk,

Otani: I have this table, which does not appear with a scroll in smaller screen. If you select dropdown item you will see a table below:

Cardova: AMcBain: I think that’s a solution

Bossardet: I suppose so, but I thought you wanted it to take up the remaining space.

Dary: It doesn’t work with Safari AMcBain

Cazorla: No, hence the max-width

Herry: So add -webkit- prefix duplicates.

Plassmann: Before the unprefixed versions

Vanartsdalen: Do you know which would not be applied?

Sizelove: Got it,

Anauo: You’re missing a dupe + prefix on the flex property for .right

Thissen: Anyone has an idea on how to fix jumpy social buttons?

Lauterborn: AMcBain: appears to be fully functional in both browsers. Can you verify that?

Romm: If it’s the same as the one I posted but with the prefixes then it’s probably fine. I’m not booting my laptop to get at Safari.

Guinta: I have this table, which does not appear with a horizontal scroll in smaller screen. If you select dropdown item you will see a table below:

Coyle: Adv_: a video isn’t useful, either link to the site or build a testcase

Coyle: Besides, add a wrapping container and give it a height, or something?

Couper: Is there any css property that will give me even widths depending on the parents width ?

Castenanos: I have an animated background image which slowly slides

Degre: Animation: 60s linear 0s normal none infinite running animatedBackgroundImage

Kukla: The problem is that after 60 seconds it makes a really rough transistion back to the beginning

Nedina: How can I have it restart smoothly?

Kahanek: Http://***/index_animate.html – My page is having a weird issue with scrolling to the right a little bit strangely. Anyone got any idea why?

Pinsky: I have a video as background of my page and i wanna this video take the size of my browser is that possible with css ?

Debutiaco: Thenewone, yes, check out position fixed and top:0, left:0, right: 0, bottom: 0